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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Snow Walker Video

Today I'm sharing an old video enhancement/breakdown I did almost 10 years ago. But in this post, there will be more information and pictures to go along with the short video.

This footage was made insanely popular about 10 years ago when it was running on the Fact or Faked TV show. The footage was and still is intriguing after all these years. Some say it is a total hoax and others say it is real. I kind of fall in the middle and will share some more thoughts after the video.

Here is the video

I still enjoy the video and will probably regret resurrecting this old enhancement but oh well...I did it.

Here is what little I know about the video and how it was "debunked". Supposedly, the producers of the TV show Paranormal Borderline created the video for the show, but it has also been claimed that the supposed creator of the video, the person filming, admitted the hoax. And as far as I know, there is no evidence to support either of these claims. Also, another interesting note is that the people who filmed it have never been identified, as far as I know. So it is still up in the air? I guess it is or maybe I just missed the proof.

What strikes me is the size of the figure, and the long arms and it seems rather an odd way to pull a hoax...I mean in snow this deep. But with that said I just really don't know if this is real or not. The hand and arm appear way too long to be a human but it could be some kind of arm/hand extension. It is my understanding the footage was shot in 1996, but I could be wrong about this date. If this is a suit, it appears to be top quality and form fittings, and not the baggy kind we are so used to seeing.

I saw where one talking head said he knew it was a blatant hoax when he first saw it. But the things he points out are moot points, in my opinion. His main factors were that it was a person in a coat and the face was flat....hello..bigfoot don't have a snout and bigfoot is hairy ...and I would assume a yeti living in an area where there is heavy snow would develop more and thicker hair that a similar being living in a tropical paradise.

In one shot, the figure turns it's head to the right. If you stop the video at the right time it appears you can see the side of the face. Maybe it is just an illusion due to distortion, I really can't say for sure, but it looks like a side profile of a face to me.

I also know that when this video first came out, back in 1996 on the UPN network, many leading investigators in the field of bigfoot thought it was or at least could be real, namely Dr. Jeff Meldrum. And best I can remember the "oh it's a hoax we made" didn't surface until sometime in the early to mid-2000s. It's been a long time so the dates I'm recalling are probably off.

But anyways, I wanted to share this old breakdown video, which was for the most part lost, on our main website and youtube channel. I do think this clip/video is worthy of more investigation. I'm normally not too bad to straddle the fence but on this video, I'm just not sure if it is real or not. It looks good to the eye, but then you have people, separate multiple people, who came forward and claimed they made the video. So, I guess we are left to decide for ourselves if we think it is real or a hoax.

Let us suppose this is 100 percent real, would it be a far stretch to think that someone or an agency, would attempt to discredit the video? I don't think so as it has happened for years in the UFO community. See that is the whole idea...to keep the waters muddy so people don't know for sure. I'm not saying that is what happened here, as it could very well be nothing more than a hoax, but don't think for one second that "disinformation" is not out there..because it is.   

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this rambling post of an old video, that even if it is a hoax it is a darn good one.

Enjoy your day.



This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years of experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and a poet.

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  1. Tom, I don't recall ever having seen the snow walker video. I watched your clip. Then I watched "the whole video" separately on YouTube. If the "whole video" is really the entire video of the creature, my first question is "Why would someone have the beast of all beasts OUT IN A WIDE OPEN SNOW FIELD on video, and then stop the video after just 15 seconds of filming?"

    The Knower Camp and the Naysayer Camp will each have their own field day with answers to that question -- answers that will support their viewpoint on the matter and will debunk the other camp's viewpoint.

    The creature looks like a real animal to me. I see (1) super long arms that are large in diameter, (2) characteristic bigfoot arm swing, (3) hands that appear to move like real hands, (4) very protruding buttocks like Patty's buttocks, (5) powerful withdrawal of legs/feet out of snow that is deeper than knee deep, (6) a characteristic "no neck" appearance, and (7) a huge diameter barrel chest that extends into a barrel gut of about the same diameter.

    Drs. Meldrum and Krantz each eloquently explain to us the reasons why bigfoots have large, protruding buttocks. A very brief recap is that a large, extremely heavy biped MUST have such a feature, else the animal cannot walk.

    Could this video have been hoaxed? I suppose so. But why do such a hoax? Creating that creature would have taken a lot of time and maybe also money. And then what? You film it with shaky hands for just 15 SECONDS? And then you spread the video worldwide? Why? Just to get your jollies? And you do all this work likely without making any money off of it? Preposterous as I see it. (But then again, I have a life. And thus I do not have within me the mental roadmap that would allow me to think in the way that people who don't have a life think.)

  2. It is an interesting clip for sure ...some have totally dismissed it but for me it is worth taking a look at. Thanks for the comment.


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