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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Elliot Lake Ape Men

In August of this year (2018) a post was shared by Kimberly Mills Parker called : The Elliot Lake Ape-Men. In the article the author relates stories from her grandpa.

The story can get confusing, so will list the "cast" and identification here.

The "he" in the story is her grandpa. He is one of the sons in the story.
The father is the author's Great grandfather and the father of her "grandpa".
Two brothers in the encounter are her great uncles  [perhaps the George and Gord mentioned later by the author.]
Sister listed would be the author's great aunt and her grandpa's sister. 

And now to the story : [this is not quoted from the teller, but a reconstruction of the tale as I understand the facts. Thanks to the article by Parker for the data].

His family moved to Canada and lived near Elliot Lake while he was ages  2 to 11. This was during the 1930's.  Then the family, finally tired of the strange events there, moved from that area to Alliston.  While they lived in the lake area,  he, his father,  and his four brothers would pan for gold in the rivers and streams around the lake. They also searched for other precious metals, minerals, and stones.

One experience he recalled when he was around age 9 involved a week long camping/panning trip. His father, he and two of his brothers and his sister had made the camp. Not clear which day of the planned trip this happened, but they were sitting around the campfire while his sister was cooking the fish she had caught that day. While they sat talking, they began to hear a "creepy screeching, and howling" which was then followed by "chattering" sounds. The sounds seemed close by but also seemed to be coming from the forest surrounding the campsite.

They all remained sitting on the logs around the fire, as his father was quite strict about them staying. The three boys slowly fell silent as the sounds continued, just listening to them. They all realized that the sounds did not seem to be human. The growls and chatter at first seemed to be monkey-like, but as they continued, they felt they were more guttural in nature. And that it was frightening.

They began to recall that there had been talk in the area about "ape-men", although not talked about openly. People were afraid they would be called crazy or would be accused of seeing things. And as the boys listened and remembered, they began to whisper among themselves that the sounds must be the "ape-men".

Bigfoot in the forest,
by DredFunn
on Devian Art.

Their dad shushed them, as he was intently listening to the sounds around them. The chatter seemed to be coming from more than one direction, at least two, and probably more. The sounds began to get closer. The chatter was scary by itself, but it was the screams, the screeches that really frightened them. It sounded as if something was hurting, or in trouble. They decided later it may have been calling for help from the others.

As the sounds came closer, the screams stopped. There was now more frequent chatter among all the directions. Their father quietly spike, telling their sister to hide up the trail away from camp while he and the boys cleared the area. They quickly buried the fish, put out the fire and packed up what they could carry easily. Heading out of the camp, they joined their sister and their dad began to lead them away from the approaching sounds.

Then one of the boy's packs broke open, spilling the tools on the ground. He and his sister were sent ahead, while their father stayed between them and the two quickly gathering up the expensive tools and trying to fit them into the other pack. Suddenly their father cried out: "Leave the gear, and run, run!" The other words their father used in addition were not repeated in the tale.

His sister suddenly screamed, which was answered by a "fear inducing howl, unlike anything any of them had ever heard before." It was loud and close by. Their father yelled that there was 4 or 5 of them. They all ran from the area.

There had been two retreating beings carrying a smaller one. One other was running towards the humans, growling and screaming.

All members of both parties were able to get away safely.

The experiences of the family were only discussed for many years with only other family members a few times but never made public. In the 1950's her grandpa and his brothers George and Gord discussed this encounter. Eventually her grandpa wrote many articles describing this and other paranormal encounters from the Elliot Lake area.


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This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

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