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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Prince Edward Island Bigfoot or Nathan Wiley's Bigfoot video

"In June 2001 while in the woods shooting a scene for a home movie with a friend being chased by bad guys, a large, black and furry creature bolted from the tree-line, ran across the clearing and then disappeared into the woods."  -- PEIbigfoot

Watch the video below.

This video has been called several different names : The Prince Edward Island Bigfoot; PEI bigfoot video; Noah Wiley's bigfoot; Nathan Wiley's Bigfoot video; Huge Sasquatch on PEI, Black Creature running fast.  And it is still posted on several different pages and sites with various explanations.

This is the story behind the video from one of the videographers.

"I live on Prince Edward Island, a small island on the east coast of Canada. Growing up in the small town, several friends and I have been making our own movies for a few years. Well, for one of these movies, we needed a shot of our buddy running out of a woods (he was supposed to be being chased by bad guys). We trudged out to the middle of nowhere (easy to do where I live) and shot this scene out in the deep woods.
While our friend runs out of the woods, something runs across the screen behind him and we have no idea what it was. All I know is, it looks huge, black and furry and seems to start out running on all fours and then proceed at the end to get up on it's back legs and run. There aren't any bears on the island either so we have no idea what it is. We told the local media and they didn't take us seriously, so we're kind of keeping it to ourselves and agreed to show you guys and find out what you think... Nathan Wiley. . ."

So, does the video stand up to the original hype?  There is certainly something that runs out of the woods and crosses the field. Some say that the figure runs on all fours and then stands up and disappears into the trees. Other say the figure hunches over and grabs at the tall grass, trying to make it appear that it's on all fours. And there is the claim that the arms are just swinging back and forth, while others say it is pumping it's arms to gain more speed. In some parts of the video, it appears that the arms are quite long, but then is that being judged by knowing where the feet are? Or is it those pesky extensions that can be bought?

There is also a suggestion that some of the movements of this figure are similar to those of the Jumping Russian Yeti that crosses a clearing with gorilla like movements.

One of the major complaints against this footage are those who say it was staged since the man running keeps looking back over his shoulder. Some have even commented he's looking in the wrong direction. If they had taken the time to read the explanation, they would have discovered that the scene was indeed staged. It was to be of the young man running out of the woods from the left trying to escape from the "bad guys". He is therefore looking over his shoulder in that direction, looking to see if he's in danger of being caught.

The alleged bigfoot enters the scene from the trees on the  right. The reason for it's emergence is not clear. It scampers across the clearing, either on two feet or all fours. When the trees are reached, the figure appears to be bipedal. By now, due to the calls and cries of the others at the "shoot", the runner has perhaps seen the figure and appears to quicken his pace, running past the camera. The young man with the camera begins to run towards the woods, in what appears to be an attempt to again catch the figure on film.

So, hoax or the real thing? Hard to say. But the one thing that no one seems to have brought up is this. What if the guys making the movie did not perpetrate the hoax, if hoax it is. What if this was a joke being played on them by some of their friends who may have known that they were going out to finish making their film?

And if this was a costume, whether knowingly or unwittingly, being used to film a hoax, who bought it? Being students, would they have been willing to spend the money to rent or purchase a suit to use just once? And if rented or purchased, did anyone attempt to find that paper trail? Or are there that many gorilla or bigfoot suits just sitting around the island?

Let's look at some other people's opinions of the video. 

FBFB post : This was shared by Jeff Barnes Jeff Andersen published on July 25, 2013. The description reads : "This was filmed by college students who were filming a scene for a class on movie making. The individual runs out of the woods and the large Sasquatch runs across the gap on all fours then stands up as it makes it to the trees. The speed is incredible and likely beyond that of a modern human. The size of the creature can also be measured."

FBFB had another video on this footage but they appear to have lost their original YouTube channel and many of their videos [including one on this footage] are forever gone.

ParaBreakdown by Phil Poling also gave his opinion. First off, PEI is NOT part of Nova Scotia. That little faux pas certainly rubbed more than a few people the wrong way. His reasons for it being a faked video includes "lack of habitat", too far for a bigfoot to swim to the island from the mainland,  swinging arms, not tall enough [guess he's a member of they're all born 7 foot tall club], and why did it run out of the cover of the trees. All are interesting and debatable points, but . . . . .  where's the rest of the homework, Phil?

Have you been to PEI? The population is centered in the cities. There is still some possible habitat. As for swimming, we have no idea how far a bigfoot can swim and just what water temperatures he can withstand. Again, as with all creatures, there are bound to be different sizes and different ages. Just because the figure doesn't appear to be TALL, is not a reason to discard the idea that it might be a bigfoot. And since no one on the film crew or in the cast appears to have been in the woods where the figure emerged, we have no idea why the figure may have run out of the tree cover. Something could have spooked it, especially if it was a young one. Or, it could have been deliberate because it was a joke or a hoax.

But let's watch his breakdown:

And then Bigfoot Tony jumped into the game. This will be a delightful change for those of you who assert that EVERYTHING is a bigfoot according to Bigfoot Tony. This must be the exception to prove the rule. He too feels that the video is fake. He states that it's a guy in a suit and then goes on to praise the acting done in the footage -- the guy running from the creature and the professionalism demonstrated by the cameraman. Perhaps I'm wrong, but Tony appears to be unaware that the cameraman is acting professionally because this was the last scene needed to complete a film that they had been working on. And a movie that was not supposed to include a bigfoot. So, yeah, they were being kind of professional.  He also has a problem with the height of the figure. He makes a statement too of the figure not running on all fours, but just crouched over, brushing the grass.

You can take a look at his breakdown at this link.

Here's one last look at the footage, enhanced, slowed. Enjoy.


"I'll spark the thought; what you do with it is up to you."

This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

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