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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Kyle Goodrunning and the Traveling Photo

This story begins with the alleged encounter with a bigfoot by a 10 year old Native boy.
In October of 2014, Kyle Goodrunning and his sister [in some accounts] and a cousin [or another cousin when the sister is omitted] decided to go for a walk in the woods. While on this walk, Kyle is said to have looked up and noticed a bigfoot crouching in the brush and trees. He whips out his iPad and takes three photos and then runs. When he looks back while running, the bigfoot is no longer in sight.

Kyle was later interviewed by Kevin Noad and the video shared to his YouTube channel. Well, take a look at the video before I say anything more.

This is a very interesting story. Sounds credible. Young boy sees a bigfoot, takes it's picture. Here's the pic. Yep. Ok.

Kyle states that he saw a shadow that caught his attention. "I was standing right here and the bigfoot was over there, then I see the shadow. . . ." The bigfoot appears to have squatting down, maybe trying to hide from the children.

The boy continues with his tale : "Then he saw me and got up and started walking towards me. I took the picture right when he was standing up, I took three of them with my iPad." 

In a different interview [ a year or so later] Kyle made these statements: It was about dusk. My cousins were ahead of me. I was sauntering behind and this creature stepped out of the woods." He said it walked on two legs, had red fur, and was 8 to 10 ft. tall.

Then he says he ran, heading for the house. "I screamed and started crying . . .  my cousins and I ran home. And when I looked behind me, he was actually gone."

And then Kyle claims he went back to the place later that same day to look around. He again saw the bigfoot, this time on the river. "He came half way across the river, then he went back . . . straight that way."

Kyle Goodrunning : still from Kevin Noad video

After filming Kyle tell the story and show him where everything happened, Noad looked for tracks or other physical evidence. He was unable to discover anything.

To me it seems the boy is trying to remember the story, how to tell it, how it happened. It made me wonder if it happened to him, or to someone else. Or if someone had given him a story to remember and to tell to go with the photos. Kyle looked very nervous and uncomfortable in the video.  I also found some of the questions very leading. Were they prompts from already having heard the story and just a way to make the filming more fluid? I don't know.  The last thing that troubles me is that the location pointed out in the video where the bigfoot was crouching and then stood up does not appear to be the same location that is in the photos. Again, I could be wrong. Or the photos are taken after it started walking towards the boy.  Gary did state in the video that he took the pictures as soon as the bigfoot stood up. Then he talked of it taking a couple of steps forward. Again, this is not as clear as I would have liked. However, this is just my opinion and I could be seeing problems where there aren't any.

The figure in the photographs.

zoomed in figure : Noad video
The shape is just that : a shape. The photo is a little blurry. No facial features can be seen. Others have stated the arms are wrong. They look too short. The figure looks to be standing there, not walking. It almost looks as if there is a hood over the head, obscuring the face. Some claim to be able to see clothing features on the figure. Others say the body shape is all wrong. The figure is not bulky enough. In my research, not all bigfoot or sasquatch are big and bulky. Some are actually a little more lanky. There is no cookie-cutter sasquatch.

There is no consensus with where this encounter took place. Some reports perhaps Sylvan Lake, Alberta; North Carolina is mentioned; Alaska; Arizona; Wisconsin; Maine. The best suggestion is
that Kyle is a Cree, residing in Berens River Reserve in Northern Manitoba, on a 100 acre area.

And now the photo. Some of the confusion over this story and where the encounter takes place is the use/misuse of the photo itself.

The photo first appears in the YouTube video on October 7, 2014 posted by Kevin Noad. It also then appears with some of the articles written about Kyle.

Then Bigfoot Evidence seems to have adopted the photo to put with different encounter stories. In all fairness to them, they never state that the photo being used is of the encounter they are talking about. They never state it isn't either. Or that it is a "stock" photo they are using.

For example, Bigfoot Evidence picks up a story from CZ News about an encounter. To illustrate the article, they use Kyle's photo. CZ News used a photo of the area where the sighting took place as the witness did not take a photo.

Photo used by CZ News
The photo was also used in an article entitled "Top 10 Bizarre American Urban Legends" from November 30, 2019. It was labeled as the "Kushtaka" from Alaska. Kushtaka means "Land Otter Man."

Bigfoot Evidence again used the photo on March 8, 2016 to illustrate the story "Young teen Reports Dogman Encounter in Wisconsin". They picked up the tale from Cryptozoology News, who did NOT use that photo for their article.

In 2015, a member of Reddit.com, Treedom Lighter" posted the photo onto the posting "The Best Bigfoot Photographs" calling it "Alaskan Sasquatch". It is not clear why he labeled it from Alaska.

It has been shared to Pinterest by "Lorie Lee" who labeled it "Arizona D.O.T. spots family of Sasquatches posts pictures on Facebook."

Bigfootblogger.com [domain for sale] listed the photo as "A 9 yr old Native boy sneaks up to 10 yards from hiding adult sasquatch, then takes 3 pics.

However, no matter who uses the photo and whatever claims are made, the video by Noad and Kyle's statements certainly seem to identify the photo as belonging to Kyle and his encounter in 2014.


"I'll spark the thought; what you do with it is up to you."

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This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

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