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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Alien Invasion On Earth? Is It A Possibility?

By Dorraine Fisher

I’ve heard rumors that a full-blown War-of-the-Worlds-style alien invasion was coming, or that the world media would try to report that an alien invasion was coming to earth in order to strike fear in the masses and assume more control over our lives.  And they’re using the many new UFO sightings that have happened recently to reinforce this idea.

    But this is not plausible and I’ll tell you why.

    Many insiders will tell you extraterrestrials are already here and have been for aeons and they live among us, and you may even know one or have seen one.  Although there are around ten alien races that have association with earth and humans, there are two basic groups here: The Reticulans of the Reticulan Empire and the Galactic Federation Of Light, also known as the Confederation Of Planets.

  The Reticulan Empire consists of the the Reticulans, a race that looks something like alien grays but more human, the The Alpha-Draconians (reptilians), and the alien grays that were said to have been engineered by the reptilians as a slave race. But it’s unclear if they are flesh and blood or actually a type of cyborg being used to do their dirty work. But the agenda of the Reticulan Empire is and has always been to gain complete control of earth and enslave its inhabitants. This group believes they are superior to us, regards us as nothing more than livestock, has infiltrated every facet of our society, dominates our ruling and upper classes on earth, and is responsible for most of the negativity that befalls this planet. 

    But there is something that has slowed down their progress in gaining total control of us. And that is an age-old agreement of a restriction that they cannot directly and overtly harm us. They are required to first tell us what they plan to do to us in one way or another before they can do anything.. But there was no written rule as to how they were required to do this.  So, they generally tell us in indirect ways what they are planning for us.  This is where Hollywood and the media often step in. Many of the blockbuster movies about various doomsday scenarios and other highly controversial and scary subjects are created in order to keep with this agreement by using the plots and themes of the movies to inadvertently “inform” us of their plans. The movies tell us what they’re planning for us and we ignorantly flock to them and give them our money while they’re malevolently trying to destroy us by those means.  They let us know in many quiet and overt ways what they’re doing, but Hollywood movies and TV shows are the best ways they can reach masses of people. And fear is like nourishment to them.  They thrive on the energy of fear and their main objective is to keep humans in a fear state all the time in order to assume control of us. They use the world and local media to accomplish this by pumping out negative, fearful information to the masses at a constant steady stream creating a kind of collective anxiety and panic state in humans so that they may maintain control of us.

But the other group, the Galactic Federation of Light has been protecting us from these evil beings for aeons and diverting the worst of what the Reticulan Empire plans to do.  This benevolent group consists of alien races such as the Pleaidians, the Arcturians, the tall whites, and the Sirians. And it is said that this group is responsible for the inception of the institution that is the United States of America which was designed to set the standard of governance for planet earth. And they have fought very hard to protect that institution since it was put into place in 1776. Since that time, the Galactic Federation has been diverting us from many disasters that would have destroyed us and our planet for good.

But this system between these two warring factions has been in place probably since the beginning of the human race.  And it’s said that it will remain in place until a mass awakening happens in which earth’s inhabitants give up succumbing to fear, and the vibration of the planet rises, moving all its awakened and enlightened inhabitants to a higher dimension believed to be the fifth dimension.  In this higher vibrational state of the planet, evil can no longer exist at that higher frequency.

    And although it has been said that the Galactic Federation has been losing its foothold on earth and may be succumbing to the forces of evil,  this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you look at how many positive things that have happened just in recent years such as the arrests of large numbers of corrupt Saudi princes, infiltration and arrests of major drug cartels and child-trafficking rings around the world, you’ll see that evil has not managed to take over the world, no matter how things may look. These positive events would not be happening if evil had a stronghold on the world. If that were the case, total hopelessness would blanket the world. But this is not the case. Positive things are happening everywhere if you can manage to see them. Just remember that the media’s job is to keep us all in a fear state, so they would not deliberately report anything positive that is happening on earth.

  But it has been said that a battle of biblical proportions is raging in space right now for control of our planet, and that things have looked very dark at times. But many believe a great biblical prophecy is playing out in our lifetime because there are so many correlations between what’s going on in our world right now and The New Testament’s Book Of Revelation. Whether you’re a bible scholar or not, those correlations are interesting and eerily accurate. But others see current situations on the planet as a countdown to what is known by other belief systems as The Event. But whatever you believe, unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a major shift taking place on the planet and people are waking up in record numbers and realizing that we have been controlled and manipulated for a very long time.  

    The increase in UFO sightings since 2012 has been a clear indication that things are changing, though the media may try to manipulate those reports also. The Space Force was created under President Trump for specific purposes in space that are yet to be known. But these events give credence to the idea that the Space Force is also involved in some kind of galactic battle.   And the increase in the sightings of the strange cigar-shaped UFO’s is significant because they are said to be the eco-ships of our friends of the Galactic Federation entering earth’s atmosphere in droves with the purpose of removing evil and finally liberating and upgrading the planet to the new, higher vibrational paradigm.

    So an alien invasion in the style of The War Of The Worlds is probably not coming,  because extraterrestrials have already been here forever. But the good guys are at this moment, while you’re watching TV, systematically removing the bad guys.

    And if you don’t believe any of this, that’s fine. There have been many channelers over the years telling us about the activities going on between these two warring factions. And many more fake channelers giving out false information has hurt the credibility of information that has come in. But this is how this evil cult that’s been controlling us causes “reasonable doubt” around any subject. They send in hoaxers to fake information. This makes people give up believing any of the information presented, including the true information. So, we’re left to follow our intuition and our ideals and to trust in what we know inside us is true.  There are other, similar versions of this story. But there are no new threats on planet earth. Just the same old threats that have always been here that may be finally being driven out for good. And we may all be alive to finally see it. But if this is all a little unsettling and you want to protect yourself from the evil ones, as they thrive on your fear, turn off your fear-mongering TV, awaken to a new paradigm, and learn not to be afraid.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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1 comment:

  1. It is good to see you are still promoting the truth Dorraine. All you have said speaks that truth. Though some may try to silence those in the know, they never really can do so.

    Keep up the great work. Greg Rasar


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