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Monday, April 19, 2021

Demons And Why You Might Want To Stop Drinking Alcohol Now
A Non-Judgmental Assessment

By Dorraine Fisher

I have gone through periods in my life in which I have drunk a fair amount of alcohol. I was never a heavy drinker (at least I didn’t think so) and it was never a problem that I couldn’t stop, but I did drink on weekends and special occasions. And I would have been one of the last people to tell others that they should stop drinking. And I won’t try and convince anyone to stop now either. But if you’re someone who’s looking for more reasons to quit drinking for good, you might want to keep reading. But if you do, I would ask you to keep an open mind. Because this is very real.

The word “alcohol” is said to come from the Arabic word “al-kuhl” which means body-eating spirit. This is also curiously where the word “ghoul” came from, which is a demon that is said to eat human flesh.

Alcoholic beverages of all kinds have been historically linked to negative entities or demonic activity. They have been referred to as the demon alcohol, demon drink, devil’s brew, etc. And I think most people who like to partake of it sometimes don’t really take those references seriously. In the past, I always likened it to people who were judging me for my drinking and shaming me. And I never did respond well to judges and shamers. I was more likely to do more of what they were judging and shaming me for to maintain my reputation as a non-conformist. And I simply didn’t believe in evil and I didn’t believe in demons or the devil. But I found out a few years ago that there really are reasons why alcoholic beverages are associated with these beings.  And I encountered this information while I was drinking on weekends to numb myself (at least that was the excuse I used) and at the same time, I was curiously researching quantum physics as it applies to the human vibration. And at the time I didn’t believe these two subjects had anything to do with each other. But I would learn differently.

Now, first, we have to understand that we and everything around us carries a vibrational frequency. We ourselves carry a particular frequency and whether it is high or low determines how we feel and it determines our experience of life. So, what I’m saying here is our personal vibrational frequency is what controls how we feel on a daily basis, how healthy we are overall, and the quality of the experience we have of our lives. If we carry a high vibration, we’ll feel good, and our life experience will be positive overall. If we carry a low vibration, we often won’t feel well, we may experience numerous health problems or complications, we’ll feel tired all the time, and our quality of life won’t be that good. And if our vibration is low enough, we’ll experience acts of violence (either we’ll witness them or experience them ourselves), we’ll encounter evil, controlling people around us as well as frequent personal injury and illness. That’s what brings us to the discussion about alcohol and our vibration. Those experiences are also the result of alcohol consumption.

Alcohol lowers our vibrational frequency tremendously. And depending on how much alcohol is consumed, it can lower it to very dangerous levels. And since having a low vibration opens us up to very negative experiences and feelings, this means that alcohol, the substance that lowers our vibration most significantly becomes the most dangerous substance in existence for us to consume. And believe me. This is not an easy conclusion I’ve come to. But in our state of lowered vibration such as is the case in drinking alcohol, we open ourselves up to the state of allowing ourselves to be controlled by negative energies that could be described as negative entities or what some would call demons taking control of our bodies and brains.

Alcoholic beverages are often referred to as spirits which probably has a deeper meaning.  And this comes from the old science of alchemy in which alcohol was used to extract the soul essence of an entity. This principle with alcohol is real and is used to extract essences from different substances in order to make essential oils and is used for sterilization. But in the case of a human being in this state, it allows that person’s soul essence to be extracted from their body through the consumption of the alcoholic beverage.  And this opens them up to be overtaken by an entity that is usually negative and has evil intentions. It makes the person more susceptible to any negative entity that might be in close proximity that would seek to take advantage of that person.

Many years ago, I had been told that negative entities or demons hang out around bars and taverns waiting for someone to consume enough alcohol so that they may take over that person’s brain and body. I laughed at the notion then, because at that time I didn’t understand the nature of vibration and how important it was to our overall well-being. And at that time, I didn’t really drink very much. I only started drinking later in life when I was trying to cope, very wrongly, with a lot of personal problems. And I was very lucky to have remained safe and sound in spite of this very negative coping mechanism. My fate could have just as easily gone the other way. But I had to admit to myself that a person getting buzzed or even drunk did seem to equate to a kind of demonic possession. The drunk person lost control over their mind and body until the effects wore off. If a person drinks to the point of what is known as “black out,” their life situation may be too dark, difficult, and dramatic for them to cope in a normal way. It is said that the pure soul we were born with remains tied to the body as it moves out for a time opening up that body to a negatively influencing energy that will use it to take a “joyride” of sorts. This is why the person may not remember anything about what they did when they were so very drunk.

This concept has only become clear to me over time. Mainly because I didn’t really want to believe the conclusions I was coming to.  It was only just a few years ago, after pulling my life together, I was trying to gradually ease away from drinking. I thought one or two drinks a week was harmless and I kept up that habit for a while. But at this time in my life,  I was finding that the negative effects of it were sticking with me longer. Even several days after drinking, I was constantly experiencing all kinds of drama in my life, I was having accidents (including a couple potentially life-threatening ones) on a fairly regular basis, and I was encountering some really horrible people that seemed like they were out to get me. And I seemed to experience one misfortune after another. And I wondered at the time why, if I was trying so hard to pull myself together, why were these things happening to me?

At this same time,  I was studying the effects of personal vibration and I was slowly starting to put the pieces together. I was learning that alcohol had the potential of lowering my vibration significantly and that personal vibration was a very real thing based in science. Vibrational frequency was important to understand and I realized the imbalance of it may have been causing these bad things to happen in my life. But the problem was, I wasn’t ready to quit drinking yet.

I did however cut down to one drink a week. I was convinced that couldn’t possibly hurt me and would kill the craving at the same time. But I wasn’t prepared for what happened to me next.

At this same time, I was really working on being more positive and really working on my spiritual self, and really seriously trying to pull myself together. And it was working. I was doing much better in all aspects of my life. My vibration was rising and my experience of life was getting better. And one night I suddenly realized that I hadn’t had a drink in over a month. I hadn’t had a craving. I had forgotten about drinking altogether. And strangely,  once I realized that I decided I wanted a drink. I just couldn’t let it go.  But I knew that maybe, from that moment on, I wouldn’t need to drink as often. So, I went out with a friend and ordered a margarita, and my friend did also. But upon taking one sip of the drink that I had always loved, I was jolted by the awful sensation of a taste that resembled something between rusted metal and turpentine. But my friend was sipping and talking and still smiling like it was any other day.

 I asked her, “Does that taste okay to you?”

“Sure, why? Is there something wrong?” she asked.

When the server came, I told her it didn’t taste right and I asked her to bring me another. She cheerfully did and I took another sip of the new one. It had the same jolting bad taste. My friend was chuckling at me by then. “Maybe it’s just you. Take a sip of mine and see if it tastes the same.” I did and was shocked to find out hers tasted exactly as bad as mine did. But she was convinced hers was fine. “Maybe you’ve lost your taste for alcohol,” she said. I smiled back at her, wondering secretly if she was right. But how could that be?

In the coming days, I tried a few more different kinds of drinks and none of them tasted good to me. And I realized the decision to quit drinking had been made for me. And over time, I began to appreciate that fact. I haven’t had a drink since and I have no desire left. And when I spoke to someone later who had experience in this area, he told me that my vibration had probably risen to a level in which it killed the taste of the alcohol, which is the best thing that could’ve happened to me.

When you keep your vibration high, evil entities cannot enter. They are repelled. Or I could say bad experiences are not a vibrational match to you anymore and are less likely to happen.  And I can only surmise that maybe alcohol was a true evil of sorts that was repelled by my higher vibration.

 People in power have often throughout history used alcohol consumption and kept alcoholic beverages readily available in order to control certain populations and keep them down and out. So, is it some kind of conspiracy of sorts? Or just a convenient way to control people. In giving them what they want, it seems like a nice thing to do for them. Right? Well, maybe not. We all know that handing a drink to an alcoholic is an evil thing to do. Evil?  

So, if you’re one of those people who hasn’t had a similar experience of demons or other evil entities, you may just want to stick to the more scientific explanation that it’s the low vibration that throws us off track and allows the harm and sometimes danger to come to us. Either way, drinking alcohol is something we should all think more deeply about before we partake.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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