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Monday, January 18, 2021

Is Urban Bigfoot In My Midst?
By Dorraine Fisher

Many who are new to the subject of Bigfoot may believe they only live in the vast wilderness areas of North America. But nearly eight years ago now, I wrote an article suggesting that sasquatches may be able to live in areas that might be considered urban. It wasn’t a completely new idea then, but it wasn’t widely accepted. Now, a lot of time has passed and evidence of urban bigfoot is turning up in many places never expected.

My state of Illinois is not well-known for its wilderness areas, but there is a lot of evidence along the many rivers, wetlands, and other watershed areas. Illinois has a lot of rivers, woods, and the deer believed to be Bigfoot’s main food source.  And many of these areas are very close to the city limits. And, according to countless bigfoot investigators, they are sometimes inside the city limits.

I spend a lot of time on the roads around my area of Illinois. And I’m always scanning the area’s woods for signs of bigfoot. And I’ve found a lot of evidence for activity over the years in my local rural areas. But for some reason, I never expected to find evidence INSIDE the limits of my little city. And very close to where I live.

Near my home, there’s a local creek that meanders through my neighborhood and it’s secluded by thick patches of woods that line it.  But my neighborhood is old and contains many older houses that are situated close together. It’s a very urban area, but with scattered patches of woods following the creek.  But a year ago I noticed that we had a new, large population of deer wandering the neighborhood. And they were breeding and showed signs of great success as I saw several fawns wandering around with their mothers last spring. Early this fall as I was driving down one of the backstreets, an 8-point buck ran right out in front of me, across the street, and through several backyards.  This was the first year in my 15+ years living in the area that I had ever seen deer this deep within the city limits. And I began asking myself if so many deer are here, could bigfoot also wander in?

And I think I got my answer as soon as the leaves were off the trees this fall. As long as I’ve lived here, the patches of woods and have been neat and orderly. But this year I started noticing lots of downed and broken trees everywhere. And as I was driving down a backstreet this last fall, I suddenly noticed this:

This is a very large branch that has been placed strategically about 12 feet up in these trees. I looked everywhere for where this branch came from, but couldn’t find any broken tree near it that would indicate the wind blew it there. And as I looked at how it was placed there, I knew the wind could have never placed it so snugly and elaborately. And curiously, its pointed end was pointing to deeper woods to the west, the creek, and a pond.

But this was the only curious thing I noticed and I left it alone for a long time and just stared at it as I drove by several times a week. But then this structure sprang up very close to it.

It was situated right by the street. Not hidden at all.

So I parked my vehicle and started walking around the area looking for other clues. I had seen what looked like another structure further away from the street in some very thick brambles. But it was hard to see. So I closed my eyes and pushed through the brush and found this:

This is definitely a half-teepee-type structure that was not created by the wind. I scanned the area for footprints, but there was a light dusting of snow on top of a thick layer of dead leaves and I couldn’t find any on this day, unfortunately. But you can bet I’ll be watching this area more closely and hopefully will find some prints when the weather breaks that will confirm everything.

So, what do you think? Does urban Bigfoot live in my neighborhood?


(For the protection of possible bigfoot in my area, I have chosen to keep the cityscapes out of the pictures and the location a secret)

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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  1. It wasn't that many years ago that America expanded from living three generations atop one another to pushing the building of single family domiciles. The end of WWII brought prosperity to nearly every American home. Forests dropped and housing went up. Fields became subdivisions. The Eisenhower Highway systems connect every major city to every major city. All the towns in between blossomed. Wild animals retreated to the still untouched forests, and an green spot they could find camouflage and concealment. Only the Songbirds, and the Grey Squirrels remained. 75 years later having adjusted to change and grown comfortable and confident the wildlife returned. My parent's home is 16 miles north of Boston at the crossroads of what became known as America's High Tech Highways... A cluster of four to eight lane roads surrounded by every major company supporting the Space Race. Not that long ago while my parents were still living my Dad reported to me that he had watched the Whitetail Deer at the bird feeder earlier in the evening, and that a Moose just walked down the street. I myself while visiting my sister witness a Red Fox pounce on a Cottontail Rabbit, and while out walking the dog was followed by two Eastern Coyotes. A friend has a Fisher living in the area in Wilmington. So, I guess I'm thinking that if these wild animals have adapted and learned to forage in America's backyards, then the Forest Giants can wander suburbia unseen, unheard, unnoticed just we kids did when we were supposed to be asleep curled up in sleeping bags in tents in the backyard.

  2. Great article. I believe that Bigfoot is opportunistic in that if there is food, shelter and security amongst humans they will take it. Much like the deer in urban areas, they know that mankind will not shoot them in this environment and are safe. Just keep a lookout for missing pets.


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