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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Possible BigFoot Evidence Southeast Kentucky 

I was responding to an Illegal dumping complaint along with head Animal Control Officer Wesley Witt. Upon arriving at the dumpsite we found a few tires and barrels that had been at the location for a long while.

We proceeded up an old road trying to locate more dumpsites; we had traveled approximately 50 yards when I noticed some slide marks in the ground from something very heavy heading down hill. I was in the lead and as I stopped I motioned for Officer Witt to do the same. I did not want to contaminate the area with our prints before I had a chance to look for what may have caused the marks.


The ground was only damp not saturated; our boots barely left any tracks. I carefully inspected the area around us and found what I believe to be several Bigfoot tracks.

We could plainly see the toes in some of them. The stride was at least 6ft and went more at an angle crossing the road. As we went further up the mountain we found a possible stick structure with a tree break close by. There was plenty of shelter, Water and food.
The tracks length was roughly 14 inches long.  
We saw some deer tracks and there was a turkey gobbling further up the Ridge. Officer Witt asked me what I thought we were looking at and I replied Bigfoot Tracks, He was not the least bit afraid and was extremely curious.

It really pays to be observant when you are out and don’t discount anything that could possibly be evidence. It takes a lot of patience but in the end it pays big dividends, I hope this helps someone in the future.

Tony Felosi,
Harlan County,KY

With over 10 years in the paranormal field, Tony has proven himself many times over. His drive and dedication to the field of the paranormal is virtually unmatched. Tony also holds Black Belts in multiple Martial Arts, and he's not afraid to kick a little ghost or Bigfoot butt!

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