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Gargoyle Type Cryptid Seen in Iowa

 Gargoyle Type Cryptid Seen in Iowa

I got the following report a few days ago and have been in contact with the witness via email. This could be classified as an Unknown Cryptid Report but the witnesses described it as a gargoyle. You may be surprised to know that there is a pretty large base of reports where the witness described or stated what they saw looked like a gargoyle.

The report I'm about to share with you took place Des Moines, Iowa. Des Moines is the capital of and the largest city in Iowa. It has a large population, so maybe others have had a similar sighting.

Here is the report, in the witness's on words and my questions.

 -Start Report-

Pam: "Hoping my name is confidential as not only do I feel crazy for saying something about this to anyone but, it has shaken me to this day.... It was Nov 15th of 2019.
I know the date specifically as my sons pet mouse Venom was found dead the next morning. I was sitting in my truck in our driveway as I often do. It was chilly out but not so bad I couldn't stand it. It was around 2am & I couldn't sleep. I was looking down reading about the weather on my phone, smoking a cigarette, windows up so I had the door semi open, when suddenly I felt the urge I needed to look up towards our shed, which is only about 12 to 15 feet from my truck.

I felt a very strange feeling as if something was watching, just as I looked up I saw this "thing" land on the shed for a split second an then leap off (shed which is only about 12 feet tall) an start coming right at me. It was beyond terrifying!!
It had it's mouth opened & eyes glowing red. Just before it got to me, I slammed my door shut & locked, it seemed to glide over my truck right before hitting the window & onto the top of our house.

I sat there stunned not moving. The next thing I saw was a shadow shown within the light from our garage that stays on at night, the shadow had no wing movement that I saw, it was kind of like a rocket shape gliding by just above the small trees next to shed in our yard about the height of the shed (10-12ft shed ht).
The creature, to which I can only describe it as was looking like a gargoyle with large dire-wolf like teeth, gargoyle pointed bat like wings & glowing red eyes. I didn't move until my husband came outside maybe an hour later and I felt "safe" enough to run inside.

We do not live in a rural area.. it's a neighborhood on the Eastside of Des moines on a fairly busy street during the day. This definitely scared the S#&T out of me & STILL does!!! At night when I am outside I find myself ducking &/or running to the truck or back inside. I shut blinds every night before it's dark. "

My Questions

Tom: Thanks for the message and report. Yes your name will be kept confidential. Can you give me a guess as to how large the creature might have been? Have there been anything go missing small outdoor pets ? Do you know of anyone else who has saw it?

Pam: "I cannot say if anything has gone missing or if anyone else may have ever seen it as I haven't asked either to anyone. We have 3 small dogs who go outside only on leashes when we take them. There have been times they seem worried or rush which is not usually the case since they're chi's & a Pomeranian that normally bark. I do not take them outside at night anymore. I have only told my husband about it and I myself was the only witness. It seemed about 5 maybe 6ft tall to me."

-End Report-

I have never seen anything like this in my area, but I have heard of some reports from Kentucky of gargoyle type creatures.

If anyone has a similar report or have seen something in the Iowa area, then please let us know. I thank Pam for coming forward and sharing her experience with us.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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