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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

What is Making This Eye Shine?

Our friend Jay Rice recently sent us this odd photograph that he took at the back of his home. For those who may not know, Jay is an author and paranormal researcher. He also does some Bigfoot investigation work as well. He is also just an all-around good person that anyone would like to meet and know.

In the photo, there appear to be two distinctive eyes shining back at us. Jay sent me the photo, along with a daylight picture of the area, and told me more about the area and photograph. He also wanted me to see if I could get more information from the two pictures.

What follows is Jay and I's a conversation, along with some enhancements and a short video.

Jay: I took it back in 2012...I think. I was going through a bunch of pics on an old laptop and happened to see this. Can you tell me if this is an eye shine or not? It can't be lights...there's nothing back there but woods, and they would be 9 or 10 feet off the ground.

Tm: Sure, I'll take a look at it.

Jay: I will see if I can find another picture in the daylight.

Daylight photo provided by Jay
TM:  Any houses back that way?

Jay: no. I go out there at different times and snap photos around my house...Was taken with a point-and-shoot camera

TM: Okay...heard or seen things back there that caused you to start doing that
for years?

Jay: I have heard yells/screams. Also near to where I got that awful smell one night...a friend of mine also heard heavy footsteps near that spot one night. I also had something follow me out of those woods to the left one evening just before dark.

TM: Ever find any tracks?

Jay: I've only found one small track...I have often looked

TM: Any nearby water sources

Jay: To the left of the photo and about 500 to 750 yards down the hill there is a spring and a small stream. Indians used to be all over this place...have found arrowheads near there. It's all posted property now...used to be my Grandma's property. She owned over 900 acres that were on both sides of the road. She is the one I wrote the story about that used to talk about old "Shiney-eyes".

A quick enhancement and the daylight picture. Points of reference noted.

Jay: Something used to walk around her place at night, just inside the tree line, and watch the house. I've heard things out there at night...And you know that "feeling" you get sometimes? I go out a lot at night, but there are times I feel like something is close by and it gives me the creeps
like something is watching me.

- End -

Now, I took the nighttime picture and the daytime picture and overlayed them for comparison. I had to scale the daytime picture down some as the picture was taken slightly closer to the power pole. I then matched up the two images using the pole and wire as reference points. I then faded the two images together in an effort to get the position and approximate height of the eye shine.
Here is a short video of that

If this was a creature standing there it would have been obscured by the trees and bushes in front of it. That is assuming it was behind those bushes.  Some will probably say it is nothing more than an owl, but to me, the eyes seem too large and far apart to be that of an owl.

Now, Jay and I are not saying this is or isn't a Bigfoot, we are just looking for clues and answers as to what was making the eye shine. It is an interesting picture and another mystery to work on.

A big thanks to Jay for sharing it with us. Everyone should also check out Jay's books: True Short Stories of the Paranormal and The Adventures of Pete Johnson and the Hairy Ones.   


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years of experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and a poet.

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  1. Hi Thomas, Hope all is well with you and yours. I may just be nitpicking this to heck, but I can not get the original shot and the daylight photo to sync/morph. Even considering angle differences and such. They still don't match. There's no doubt Jay caught something unusual on camera. I just can't match the two photos as they are presented. It would be great if he returned to the site and took more photos aligned with the original. Meanwhile I will say this. there's plenty of items (Like the cable guards) that provide you with an accurate length for scale. Also, this is my opinion only, but the glowing orbs/reflecting eyes are neither above the trees, or in/on the trees in the middle background. They are beyond the first telephone pole, but in front of the second pole and tree, and closer to camera.

  2. It is my assumption that the shine is also in front of the second pole but behind the trees. To get the picture to line up I have to scale it and turn it slightly. It was the best I could do with it in trying to determine where and how high the shine is and located at.

  3. Oh, yes, sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I disagreed with your assessment. You did great job as always. It's just that I would have gone beyond ruling out an owl, and likely concluded that Jay was in the presence of a large Bigfoot.

    1. I didn't take it as you disagreed, so no worries. Yeah I don't think it was an owl and there doesn't appear to be anything there that would reflect .....so.....


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