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Monday, July 29, 2019

Are You Logical, Weird, Or Just Crazy? Take The Personality Test And Find Out

By Dorraine Fisher

Do you ever wonder why people clash so much? The world has become an insane place. Or so it seems. And you look around you and you think all those other people out there have something wrong with them. Maybe they’re mentally ill? Maybe they’re just stupid? Or just plain crazy? Or maybe, just maybe they have a personality type that simply clashes with yours. Maybe it clashes with everything you believe in. Are they wrong...or just different?

According to renowned psychiatrist, the late Carl Jung, there are 16 personality types that make up humanity. And this might put it all into perspective for you. He’s broken it down into the 16 types based on combinations of the basic perceptions we have. If you’re looking to justify yourself...or make excuses for yourself, this is your chance to find out what kind of saint, scientist, or weirdo you really are.

Take the test here, and don’t forget to come back and tell us about your results.
Click the link----> Free personality test, type descriptions, relationship and career advice | 16Personalities

Find out more about your determined personality type here:
Click the link----> Personality Types - Profiles and Personality Test at Personality Max

Find out more about Carl Jung’s Typology here:
Click the link----> Personality Type Explained

What the letters mean:

So, what are your results?


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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