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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Spiritual And Psychic Connections To Sasquatch: Real Or Imagined?

By Dorraine Fisher

The Bigfoot community has long been divided in its basic beliefs about sasquatch. And is it any wonder since every witness and researcher has a different perception of their experiences with sasquatches.

Those that claim to have a spiritual or psychic connection to them have been the most shunned and ridiculed of all of them. They claim to communicate with sasquatches through a possibly unique type of clairaudience or telepathy.  Many call it mindspeak, which to the rest of the community often sounds crazy. But is it crazy or is it just that some have had the experience and some haven’t?

If you believe there is something more to our existence than what we see as physical, you are open to a psychic experience. Whether you have an experience like that depends on HOW open you are to it. People that don’t believe in anything spiritual and only rely on scientific evidence will tell you that there is no such thing as a psychic or spiritual connection to sasquatch.  And they will never have that kind of experience of them. And even if they do, they might try to explain the experience away as something else. But there are people who have very open psychic pathways to allow for such an experience. This means that they are very sensitive to subtle nuances of feeling, vibration, and energy, and their perceptions of their world can be very different. And interestingly, these are the types of people who seem to have experiences with sasquatches. Many bigfoot researchers are highly intuitive and make claims of other types of supernatural experiences.  And they are much more likely to quietly claim they’ve had some kind of psychic type of experience with sasquatches, or at the very least, they’ve had an experience they couldn’t clearly explain. And this is not just a few people talking of similar experiences. Nearly every third person I’ve spoken to that claims to interact with them on a regular basis has claimed they had some kind of supernatural experience with them. So, who are we to say that’s not what’s happening to them? People don’t generally make these kinds of claims unless they seriously feel that that’s what happened. It isn’t easy to present this idea to the world without backlash, so when researchers tell me about these kinds of encounters, I at least believe that they believe it. And there are reasons to believe it.

Quantum physics is now telling us that everything and everyone in the universe is connected by a field of energy.  Shamans and other metaphysical practitioners will tell you there are energetic strands that connect us to ideas, situations, animals, and each other. Some of these strands are thin and mostly insignificant,  while other strands are thick and heavy and form a strong bond. And the strength of these energy strands depends solely on how much we focus on that person or situation. If you’ve ever felt a strong energetic bond to any person or situation or part of your history that you can’t free yourself from easily, like a child, ex-partner, or past trauma, you know it’s possible for these strands to exist. And psychic communication, whether consciously or unconsciously, is often more prevalent between individuals with these energetic strands connecting them. If you’ve ever known that someone you love is in trouble without them telling you, then you already understand these strands of energy that create that open psychic pathway.

Many people, like Native Americans believe sasquatches to be very spiritual creatures, calling them “our brother,” and they believe them to have supernatural abilities. Others wonder if they maybe are just creatures that exist at an amazingly high vibration in which they can seem to us to be able to do amazing things. Something akin to enlightened Shaolin monks with their high vibration having the ability to levitate and break bricks with their bare hands. Those abilities are real.  So is it that much of a stretch to imagine that sasquatches might have supernatural abilities and that some more highly intuitive people such as empaths and those with strong spiritual backgrounds or those with more earth-based thought processes may have very strong spiritual and psychic experiences of sasquatches while other less psychically-inclined individuals can’t see this as a possibility at all? What if those energy strands, that connect us to all things can also connect us to an elusive creature like sasquatches? And if they are, in fact, a type of human, wouldn’t that reinforce the idea?

But there’s more to all this than meets the eye. This isn’t just about people and scientists deciding if this is a real thing. What if bigfoot has in fact developed a psychic way of communicating with some humans who are intuitive and receptive to it? Bigfoot is believed by many to only reveal itself to people if it chooses to. And what if they reveal themselves to humans who are the most perceptual. But why would they have developed this way of communicating in the first place? No other animals, including humans, have developed this ability to that level. And if we ask ourselves why an animal develops a special skill, the answer is usually because it depends on this ability for its survival. What if they have developed this ability as a survival mechanism and only other psychic beings, such as intuitive humans, can perceive them to any great degree?

But what does a person who claims to have such a psychic connection with sasquatches have to say about this topic? Robin Hanes McCray is known as a habituator in the Bigfoot community meaning she lives closely with them. And she claims to have this psychic connection with them. Meaning they speak to her via “mindspeak” and also communicate to her in other ways in which they don’t speak directly. This is what she has to say about her connection to them:

“This connection is truly amazing!”

“For me I think that if a person wants to have contact with the Sasquatch people they have to accept that the psychic connection is a part of it. These are a people that use the psychic connection with each other as well as other animals and us on a daily basis.

“They use this to speak with other animals. This is how they can communicate and understand them. They use it for mind control over the other animals as well. They have been known to be able to "calm" animals in a way we never can.  All this is done using their psychic connection. When the Sasquatch people connect and speak with us, a large part of it is done through the mind. They are able to communicate verbally with us and have a language. However it is easier for them and us to understand each other psychically.”

“This really is a huge part of their lives and their connection to us. They can see things before they happen in many cases.  When they need to contact or connect with each other this is how they do it. If they are not near each other but need to be in contact, one way is telepathically.  Using psychic connection is part of the way of life for them. They can reach out and communicate with each other no matter where they are at. This is very important for their way of life. It gives them the ability to warn each other of dangers without letting anyone or anything know they are around. Without this ability they would be much more at risk then we realize. This is part of their survival.”

“I don't think people realize just how much apart of their lies this type of connection is used. Its invaluable to them. They can put images or thoughts in our minds that we do not realize are from them. This happens a lot and people never know they do it.”

“There have been many, many times while I was out in the woods or knew of people that could be a threat, were coming near them, that I used this type of connection to warn them. There are truly many people that have formed this type of connection to them.”

“My own personal opinion is that this is something that not only them but other people have always been able to do. We have been taught since we were little it doesn't exist. therefore we do not try to use this ability and so we suppress it and are unable to do it. I have noticed that people that mindspeak with them seem to have been "triggered" to use this ability by the Sasquatch. Once you are able to have this kind of connection you can with anything. Just as with the Sasquatch we can also speak with other things as well. We can use this to let the Sasquatch know we have left gifts or give them any information we want. We can use it through not only words but feelings. That connection can de done with words, thoughts, feelings, or even pictures in our mind. The same goes for us giving these things to the Sasquatch.”

Special thanks to Robin and all others who speak about this topic freely. We can’t learn what we may need to learn without allowing ourselves to talk about all the possibilities of Bigfoot.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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