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Monday, May 20, 2019

How To Make The Paranormal Normal
What Scientists Were Trying To Tell Us Years Ago

By Dorraine Fisher

There is way more to the universe than any of us can imagine.  Our advancement and evolution as a species depends on our acceptance of this.  And it, much to the annoyance of many, includes the subjects of the paranormal. But once we better understand the true nature of reality, the paranormal suddenly becomes normal. And here’s how.

The great scientist, Nikola Tesla, tried to tell us over a hundred years ago that science only needed to study the non-physical aspects of our universe in order to make more progress in our understanding of reality. He was trying to tell us that there is truly a metaphysical aspect to our existence that we need to learn to see and acknowledge in order to really understand our world and its mysteries.  And those metaphysical aspects include the paranormal. So, as Tesla was able to do, we all need to start looking at our world in a different way.

Those things considered paranormal are no different than any other “things” in the universe. They are made up of energy. And they therefore carry a vibrational frequency. It takes a little adjustment to think of everything this way, but Tesla also told us that in order to understand the universe better, we need to think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. And he said this because, when we learn to think this way, everything, including the mysterious or paranormal aspects of our existence, make more sense.

But how does this work? Let’s break it down into the basic things.

Everything we perceive with our five senses is made of energy and carries a vibrational frequency. Everything. Rocks, trees, animals, people, music, thoughts, beliefs, social media posts, money, news headlines, houses, towns, everything. If we really think about it, when we encounter one of these things, we can get a sense of what kind of energy it holds, negative or positive. And we attract things into our sphere of existence based on our own vibration. If someone or something is a vibrational match to us, we will attract that thing into our reality. But if our vibration doesn’t match that person or thing, we’ll naturally be repelled by it. This is why certain things feel either right or wrong for us to be around. This is why certain places will either welcome us or make us stay away from them.  This is why we instantly like some people and not others. Their vibrations are either a match to us or they aren’t.

And the most amazing thing is that our thoughts are what determines our vibration in the first place. Our thoughts are very powerful. They’re like the tuning dial on a radio. They control the adjustment of our frequency. They determine whether we have a high or low vibration.  Negative thoughts create a low vibration while positive thoughts raise your vibration. And this determines what we’ll attract into our lives and what we won’t. Since we attract the vibrational matches to us, if we exist at a vibration of fear, ( by thinking fearful thoughts and focusing on the idea of fearful things) we’ll attract more things that we need to be afraid of. This is what’s at the core of the paranormal and the culture of fear of things considered paranormal.

Most people don’t want to accept this premise. Because if we attract fearful things into our reality simply by believing them and focusing on them and being fearful of them, that means if bad things keep coming into our reality, that we’re completely responsible for them happening. It means that if bad things happen to us, it’s our own fault. And no one wants to blame themselves. They’d rather believe things are random and coincidental. But nothing is random or coincidental. We create them.  And it’s not that we consciously attract negative things. It’s mostly unconscious. Because we aren’t taught to control our thoughts and we aren’t taught how important our thoughts are to our everyday existence. It’s something we have to learn. But, like Tesla and other modern physicists, we have complete control over this reality if we can control our thoughts.

The most successful paranormal investigators have mastered this concept to a certain degree whether they realize it or not. Simply by virtue of being paranormal investigators, they have opted to adjust their thoughts away from fear, and therefore they have elevated their vibration and lessened the chances of any harm coming to them.  If an investigator is focused on what they are afraid of, they’ll certainly attract that very thing. And they won’t last long as an investigator. The experience will be too fearful. But most investigators have at least a slight aversion to the idea of fear and train themselves away from it.

But this concept isn’t just true of the paranormal. It’s true in every aspect of our lives. Our thoughts  determine our vibration and our thoughts are controlled by what we choose to focus on. And all the things we attract into our reality will match that frequency. And we can see it around us if we know what to look for.

I’ve noticed this in many facets of my own life. When I walk into a store, I often hear background music playing. And the song (which is energy and carries a frequency and vibration of its own) that comes to my attention generally matches my mood or things I’ve been thinking about. That’s my vibration that has attracted that song into my reality as a match.  And I’ve found that as I grow and evolve as a person, friends I’ve sometimes had for years suddenly don’t want to be around me anymore. And that’s because my vibration has changed and I’m no longer a match to those people. And when I’m out taking wildlife photos, some animals come closer to me than others. If they have a vibrational match to mine, they’ll actually stay around and continue their daily routine because they can sense my frequency and that I don’t carry a vibration of negative intent toward them. The more you’re able to keep your thoughts positive all day long every day, the higher your vibration becomes, and the less threatened animals will feel around you. This is why some people have a magical way with animals and others don’t. It’s all about vibration.

And so is the paranormal.  Paranormal entities are no different than any other things or beings on the planet. They are energy forms and they carry a particular frequency. But paranormal investigators often know this,  whether consciously or unconsciously. And they can learn to stay grounded and control their fearful thoughts in order to ensure no harm comes to them during an investigation. This is where the paranormal becomes normal. Everything is energy and paranormal entities are also energy and therefore subject to the same rules as every other energy force in our universe. What Tesla was trying to tell us is that, whether we can see and weigh and measure something doesn’t matter in the case of reality. Non-physical “things” are energetic too and carry a frequency we can either attract or repel. And paranormal investigators may be among the first teachers of this lesson about reality.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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