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Monday, February 25, 2019

7 Ways To Become An Empowered Empath

By Dorraine Fisher

As empaths, we’re sometimes told that we’re gifted. The rest of the time we’re told that we’re cursed. We have a sense of both sides at different times. But how did we get this way? We weren’t born this way. We evolved into what we are. As children, we were probably placed in a situation constantly of some kind of torment or abuse. You may say you were never really abused, but there are different kinds of abuse. Any situation in which you were told your natural inclinations were wrong, or you felt you always had to be on guard to defend yourself can be considered abusive. And from this torment, you learned to read people and be more sensitive to them and the nuances of your environment. Because you learned that you needed to be prepared and have your guard up at all times.  So one thing all empaths have in common is that we feel vulnerable like we have to protect ourselves against...well...everyone...and everything. Since we’re ultra-sensitive and we feel everything, we feel the pain and sadness of others and we take it all unto ourselves. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, as adults, we often close ourselves off in order to avoid the depression and anxiety that often comes with it. This is what leads us to believe we’re cursed. But are we cursed, really?
As an empath myself, and after years of constantly feeling the devastation of it in the form of crippling depression and anxiety,  I decided to take responsibility for it. I no longer feel it’s a curse, and I’ve been able to embrace the gift that it really is. But how can anyone be so highly sensitive and become empowered in such a violent and depressing world? It’s all a matter of perspective, and here are some things that can help.

1. Learn to view the world and everyone in it, including yourself, as one complete energetic entity. Everything and everyone is made of the exact same stuff: energy. There is no real separation between us and other people, and there is no separation between us and everything else in the universe. It’s all energy. All one. This concept takes some time to grasp, but once you do grasp it, it puts everything into one true perspective. And that is that, as an empath, what you’re really trying to protect yourself from is YOURSELF. You are you, but that person that triggers you or brings you down with their negative energy is also you, energetically speaking.  So, what’s the best way to fix the entire entity that includes you but is all part of the one? You have to fix yourself.

2. Think in terms of frequency and vibration. Everything has a frequency. It vibrates at a particular rate of speed and humans are no exception. And the interesting thing is that if we have a high vibration, we attract good things into our lives. But if we have low vibration, we can become victim to many bad things. You can only attract that which vibrates at a similar frequency to you.  Feeling the need to protect yourself from outside forces fosters within you a victim mentality. Once you see yourself as a victim, you inadvertently become more of a victim. This is because believing you’re a victim has lowered your vibration to a victim level causing you to be victimized even more. In other words, you reap what you sow. Negativity is self-perpetuated. Empaths can minimize their own pain and fear by learning ways to raise their vibration. This helps them build mental and emotional strength and become more grounded.

3. Create healthy boundaries. Most empaths have a problem observing boundaries for themselves. We all want to be helpful and get along with other people, but in the process of that, we say yes to everyone and we sacrifice ourselves while internalizing THEIR pain and drama. So we have to learn to understand with laser precision what we can say yes to and what we can’t. And we do that through the use of our feelings as tools.  Instead of looking at your external environment as something you need to shield yourself from, start simply becoming more aware of your feelings about it instead. Learn to check in with yourself on how you’re feeling at any given moment. Don’t judge those feelings. Just observe them. This helps you gauge the level of your vibration, but it goes against everything we were taught. As children, we were often told to ignore our feelings and do what others wanted us to do. And for the sake of getting along, we did. And that’s when we lost our boundaries. Becoming a strong empath is a matter of constantly observing our feelings about everything that comes our way in life and going with our gut in every moment rather than allowing ourselves to be manipulated by the wants and needs of others. In a nutshell, if something feels wrong, don’t allow it into your field of reality no matter who is asking you for something.

4. Understand that you don’t need protection. And learn to understand the nature of resistance. You might have heard that what you resist persists. You may have noticed in other aspects of your life that anything you try to push away from you just keeps coming at you even stronger. And empaths, as they feel the need for protection, will often try to shield themselves from anything that comes at them. This creates resistance causing them to experience more of what they’re trying to avoid. Learning to release all the resistance and allow circumstances into your life without fighting them, actually minimizes the amount of drama that comes your way.

5. Understand the nature of energy. Everything is made of energy, so it can’t be destroyed, but it can be transmuted. Your thoughts are a type of energy and you have the power to turn them from negative to positive.  And everything you perceive as a threat to you as an empath is a type of energy which you have the power to transform. Many empaths live in constant fear of psychic attacks. But what they don’t realize is by fearing the potential of a psychic attack, they’re actually opening themselves to that reality.  Once you understand that you’re allowing the psychic attack to happen because you perceive it as a threat, the quicker you can learn to reverse it. Psychic attacks happen because you operate at a frequency that’s a match to fear. Once you learn to keep your thoughts positive and you realize that nothing can hurt you unless you allow it, you’re naturally protected. You’ve raised your vibration and you’re no longer a match to an attack.

You can learn more about psychic attacks and how to stop them HERE.

6. Don’t embrace the idea of martyrdom. There is this prevailing ideology in the empath community that in being an empath we need to surrender to a certain fate and accept unhealthy things as part of our supposed unfortunate reality. This couldn’t be further from the truth. “I’m an empath, so therefore I must suffer in silence” is what many empaths have accepted as their reality. Don’t buy into this. It’s not only possible to survive being an empath, but you can also thrive with the use of a few simple tools.

7. Perpetuate your own emotional healing. Since we’re all one energy, when we’re faced with something that makes us uncomfortable or triggered, it’s mirroring back to us what we need to heal in ourselves. Look at every uncomfortable moment as an opportunity. Start to see it as a message to you that this is something you need to heal within yourself. And healing is ultimately the key to becoming a strong, empowered empath. Work on your healing like a warrior, including shadow work and inner child work. Learn to deal with your emotions directly and in a positive way. Once you learn this very viable skill, the demons become small and insignificant and you no longer worry about them or those other once crippling fears of daily life. And that’s because, if something uncomfortable or scary rears its ugly head again, you know you can recognize it and diffuse it right away. 

Being an empath is indeed a superpower if you nurture it and don’t allow the negative aspects to take control of you. It’s actually a window into a whole world of psychic abilities you most certainly have and that you can learn to develop.  But in a nutshell, becoming an empowered empath is the result of understanding that healing is what’s needed. The more you work on your own healing, the more the resistance falls away, and the stronger, more naturally protected, and ultmately empowered you become.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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