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Monday, December 10, 2018

Why You Should Love Being Called A Conspiracy Theorist

By Dorraine Fisher

Gaslighting is the act of telling someone they didn’t see what they think they saw and attempting to shut down the conversation and make them think they’re crazy for bringing it up. Paranormal witnesses and investigators know this all too well. People do it to them all the time.  But they don’t care. Being called crazy in the paranormal community is a badge of honor they consent to wear. This is the price they pay for blazing the trails for true critical thinking.

The world is changing fast, and there’s a war raging right now on out-of-the-box thinkers. Anyone capable of thinking beyond what they’re being told on a daily basis by the media or any other of the powers-that-be, are being called conspiracy theorists, or just unintelligent. But why? Well, let’s be real here. Some of them have an agenda. And not a very nice one. Some of them would like to suppress any kind of critical or out-of-the-box thinking because it threatens their status quo and their ability to manipulate us.
But most paranormal witnesses and believers cannot be manipulated so easily. They’ve seen first hand some of the strangeness that can go on that can’t be explained away by conventional means.  They were awake long before the masses started opening their eyes to new truths. And their numbers are growing.

But not all of them are in this category. There are some that are afraid to buck the system. Some of them simply fear ridicule and haven’t learned to deal with opposing opinions effectively. But then there are some who just think they’re smarter than everyone else by going along with what science is saying and the media is repeating.  But science mocks what it hasn’t proven yet. Science seems to need things it can measure and weigh in order to believe in them and never seems to look beyond that into greater mysteries. Paranormal investigators know that just because something isn’t seen, measured, and weighed that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. And they know that the definition of something being real is far different than what is deemed an acceptable explanation by controlled society. They know there is a plane of existence beyond this one, where science is largely short-sighted.

Am I against science? Not at all. Science always has a role to play in the big picture of existence. Science is the most important tool we have for knowledge. But worshipping science like a religious cult as some do is no better than blindly following any other type of cult. We need to remember to always question everything. Especially those things, like science, that we hold to a high standard for our information.

But science, like everything else, can have an agenda. Science is controlled and manipulated by the donors that keep it funded. And it’s highly conceivable that some of those donors don’t have the best interests of humanity at heart. Some of them would use it to control us.  Our precious science is just as susceptible to exploitation as anything else we’ve been taught to trust. And I think it’s a huge mistake to always take it at its word and trust it without question.

But, if we can’t believe in science, what’s left to trust?

I’m not telling anyone to ditch science. What I am saying is to accept science with a skeptical set of eyes and ears. We’ve come to a crossroads in our evolution and we need to learn to trust ourselves above everything else. We’ve spent so much of our long history looking up to institutions that we’re not even sure have our backs. Trusting ourselves is the best option. But it can be difficult. We humans are conditioned to looking up to others who are supposedly more knowledgeable or elevated in some way to tell us what we need to think or believe. But we’ve reached an evolutionary tipping point where we can take the loads of information that are available to us, draw our own conclusions, and learn to trust ourselves.

If you think that something doesn’t sound right, you could be right. Trust yourself. Do your own research. Dig deep. And if the facts don’t add up, adjust your thinking. Exercise your muscles of independent thought and don’t be afraid to stand by what you believe. Chances are there are others with similar beliefs who are afraid to say anything. That makes you a trailblazer.

And what if no one says anything? Then you end up with a world like the one we’ve had until very recently that’s shrouded in the darkness of ignorance. All because everyone was afraid and too lazy to ask questions and thought they could trust the institutions that give us our information.

And if someone calls you a conspiracy theorist, thank them. Because that could very well mean you’ve evolved to the next level of brainpower. You’ve made a conscious decision to think about your world on your own terms. Not terms that have been handed to you by other possibly disingenuous people.

But are there ridiculous conspiracy theories out there? Of course. And we should always be careful what we aspire to. We should always do our own research, exercise common sense, and consult science to help us navigate to the truth. But what we should never do is let someone gaslight us when we know we’ve done our homework and we know what we saw. And the more you exercise your out-of-the-box thinking, the more you won’t care what people think. You’ll know you’ve done all the work necessary to form the opinion you have. Where the one who’s doing the gaslighting may very well be the one who just borrowed their opinion from someone else without doing their own digging.

So, take it from the paranormal witnesses and investigators who’ve dealt with all the ridicule. Being called a conspiracy theorist means you’ve joined the ranks of critical thinkers everywhere who dared not to simply borrow their opinions from those considered authorities on the subject or those in charge. You’ve decided to think for yourself. You’re an evolved human. Congratulations!


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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