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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Be Sure: Things People Commonly Mistake for UFO Sightings

People are very eager to have contact with the extraterrestrial and that eagerness often plays a mean trick on them, leading them to mistake different things for UFO sightings.

Skeptics revel in  these mistakes, bringing them up as a consistent argument against any claim of a UFO sighting. If you wish to avoid such circumstances read here about the things and events people most commonly mistake for UFOs.

Things that are often mistaken to be UFO sightings

1. Military Aircrafts

Concealed sky planes such as Blackbird (Lockheed SR-71) were always assumed to be UFOs at the period of the cold war. Lately, the stealth fighter (F-117A Nighthawk) and bomber are also assumed to be UFOs.

2. Rocket launches

In September 2015, most individuals in Miami, Florida saw a rare moving light above. Many of them called it UFO in the posts that they shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Some of them knew it was an Atlas V rocket that was launched from Cape Canaveral.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/sea-flight-sky-earth-2163/

3. Meteor fireballs

This is an object (yellow in colour) which appears from nowhere and it flies so quickly and silently around the sky leaving behind a glowing trail. This object then all over sudden breaks down into small parts and it disappears into the air. All this happens within sixty seconds.

4. Lens flare

When you observe carefully for some moment, you may notice that illumination at times bounces off the components of a lens in a camera, telescope and even the binoculars. This makes the lens flare and some flares might appear like solidified items. Should these items be framed in the correct location, people can mistake them for a rocket.

5. Moon

Might seem strange, but this was an officially documented incident. In the year 2007, a lady called South Wales Defense station to report about a beaming item which was buoyant in the air for half an hour. Later on that day, the defense management center called to see what the officer had come across. That officer said it was a moon.

6. International Space Station
This place is bigger than the football ground at Wembley and it is brighter than many objects seen within the airspace at night-time. It passes quickly; it takes a short time to move around the airspace. It is also quiet and it can confuse people that are used to the aircraft din.

7. Clouds that are strangely-shaped

The nearest anyone may ever be able to see a typical hovering saucer shape is the lenticular cloud. These clouds are created at elevated altitudes on the top or close to the mountains which contain wet air. These clouds do not move even when the wind speed is high. It is very easy to assume that what you are seeing is a floating UFO or a saucer hidden in the cloud.

8. Sky lanterns

Paper lanterns are very common and when they get ignited, they may hover up to almost one mile. They are silent and they possess a yellow glow. This makes them more mysterious especially when they are flying in an evolution since they are held together with a string.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/silhouette-of-people-by-the-sea-950047/

9. Military satellites

In the seventies, the United States Army created several observation satellites for tracking Russian vessels. Every system comprised of three of the satellites which moved in a triangular manner and at times could be seen with bare eyes.

10. Planets

Whether after sunset or before the sun comes out, planet Venus is extremely bright and it can be assumed to be airplane touchdown lights. However, unlike the planes, Venus does not move. This makes people assume that something is floating. The beaming, orange, red planet Jupiter is in this same way assumed to be a UFO.

11. Iridium Flares

There are sixty-six functional Iridium transmission spacecrafts within the orbit. Each one of them comprises of a very reflective antenna which points to earth. At one point on its orbit, the antenna can reflect the light of the sun straight down. Within a very short time, this forms a flare within the sky. The flare is very bright; it at times surpasses every other night occurrence.


We are a curious people, anticipating the time for our own encounter with a UFO, which is why so many people keep mistaking other things for UFOs, even if they fully believe in what they saw. To avoid such confusion, you need to be aware of things that might mislead you.

- Ellen Royce -

This is a contributed post by Kerry Wallis. Kerry Wallis is a writer and techie from England. She works as a computer engineer and also strives to find and share knowledge of technology through her writing on her website besttechexpert.guide

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