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Sunday, November 25, 2018

In our world often times we see things slightly different when we look back on them. But there are other things that are amazingly appalling and down right disgusting no matter at what point we look at them.

Psychological experiments, in general,  are often one of the things many people find appalling. Today I'm going to present 3 of the most disgusting experiments that should have never happened.

#3 Monkey Drug Trails

While we all understand that drugs have to be tested, and animal experiments can be very helpful, this was something completely different. The monkey drug trials of 1969 was and experiment that took a large group of monkeys and rats and trained to inject themselves with an assortment of drugs. Drugs that included morphine, alcohol, codeine, cocaine, and amphetamines.Once the monkeys got the hang of injecting themselves they were left alone with large amounts of drugs. The monkey got so messed up and some injured themselves. The monkeys taking cocaine suffered convulsions and in some cases tore off their own fingers. Many of the animals died after about 2 weeks during this experiment. The purpose of the experiment was simply to understand the effects of addiction and drug use. 

#2 Learned Helplessness

The Learned Helplessness experiments of 1965 involved 3 groups of dogs with 2 dogs in each group. All the dogs were places in harnesses. The dogs from group 1 would be released and nothing done to them. The dogs in group 2 would be released but was given electrical shocks that could be ended by pressing a lever. Dogs from group 3 there released and shocked but the lever, when pressed, did not stop the shocks.The group 3 shocks came randomly and seemed inevitable, which caused “learned helplessness.” Group 3 dogs were then placed in a box with by themselves. They were again shocked, but they could easily end the shocks by jumping out of the box. These dogs simply “gave up,” again displaying learned helplessness.
But these psychological experiments were not limited to animals. There are numerous cases of human experiments. This next one, is totally disgusting and very tragic.

#1 David Reimer Experiment

David Reimer was born a boy in 1965. Eight months later he was brought in for a common circumcision procedure. During the process this privates were burnt off completely. The physicians had used an electrocautery needle instead of a standard scalpel. David's parents visited psychologist John Money, he suggested a simple solution to the problem was for David to have a sex change.The parents were against it at first but finally agreed to the procedure. The doctor’s true intentions in this horrible experiment was to prove that nurture, not nature, determined gender identity. David was just used as a guinea pig by a madman or a group of madmen.
David had the surgery and was constructed female parts. He was also given hormonal supplements. David became Brenda. Dr. Money called the experiment a success, failing to report the negative effects of Brenda’s surgery. Brenda acted very much like a boy and had confusing feelings about many topics. Brenda's parents did not tell her (him) of what had happened until she (he) was 14 years old. Brenda decided to become David again, stopped taking estrogen, and had male reconstruction surgery. At the age of 38, David committed suicide. There is much more to this case, I recommend you google it.

These are just a few of the terrible examples of experiments that were totally out of bounds and disgusting. If you do a little research there were even worse things that have taken place. My guess is that there are still many taking place that we don't even know about.  

All these cases are terrible and totally unacceptable but sadly we don't find out about them until many years later. It all sounds like a bad science fiction movie where a new species is discovered and tortured, killed and dissected.

We also understand that the majority of experiments are done in a humane way and many are helpful, necessary and informative.

We can do better much better than the example I have listed in this post.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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