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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
Greater IQs Can Mean Greater Psychic Ability

The connection between psychic ability and the development of the mind is still being studied. Evidence suggests that those with a higher IQ may be more capable of picking up mental skills that others are not, which could include psychic abilities. The correlation between the two proves another factor may be connecting them, however, and that is social and general anxiety. 

The Role of IQ 

The study of psychic ability has emphasized the ability to focus the mind, as clarity is vital when making the brain perform beyond its normal limits in studying and psychic talents. An IQ test determines the ability of the mind  to quickly break down and analyze new data. It is a study to determine how fast someone's mind performs in fathoming new facts, skills, and data in a useful and timely manner.

As such, a higher IQ means having a clearer mind under duress. This extra focus can translate to a better ability to awaken dormant parts of the mind, including those that could control psychic skills. Few people train their ability to maintain clarity of mind but instead gain the experience through modern living. Studies have shown the anxiety of society may have unintended effects.

Balancing IQ, Psychic Powers, And Stress 

Those who lived in moderately stressful home environments or dealt with general anxiety disorders were shown to have a higher average IQ. That is  because dealing with anxiety  has given them practice in focusing their mind in ways others can't. Psychic powers can mean excessive empathy, telepathy, or clairvoyance which forces one to endure these stressful emotions from being in public and around others in a social environment even more often.

It's a good idea to identify what causes you stress and remove it, of course. Too much anxiety or stress can disrupt the mind, lowering both average IQ scores and extra-mental abilities. But practicing as an empath in public spaces or reading others trains one's ability to clear their mind and focus. This focus means higher analytical thinking, a higher average intelligence, a higher possible aptitude for psychic abilities and the ability to awaken dormant talents of the mind.

Expanding Your Mind 

The  avenues of psychic power have been explored for thousands of years, but few people have written roadmaps to awakening them. Even when we try, the different types of abilities like psychometry and telepathy require different types of training and new forms of thinking. But a higher IQ means being able to recognize, accept, and study these powers. For those worried that their psychic powers may overwhelm them, having a higher IQ can be a handy tool.

There are different ways to measure the capacity and processing speed of the human mind. IQ is a mathematical summary of your ability to quickly work out new information you're presented with. Psychic ability means exploring a new dimension of mental fortitude that others have yet to explain, and the ability to quickly understand this information and control it may indicate that having a higher IQ means having stronger control over your dormant or awakening psychic powers.

This is a contributed post by Jane Sandwood. Jane has been a freelance writer and editor for over 10 years. She writes for both digital and print across a wide variety of fields. Her main interest is exploring how people can improve their health and wellbeing in their everyday lives. When she isn't writing, Jane can often be found with her nose in a book, at the gym or just spending time with her family.

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