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Friday, January 12, 2018

A few days ago I ran a report about a bigfoot chasing an ATV and that report was tied in to a local report about of a very similar event. In the local event, some of the witnesses are people I actually know.

I received an email from a person who lives near the area where the local event took place. He shared a trio of odd things that have happened to him and his family around their home. I now have his permission to share his stories.

These event took place over several years.

The following comes from the same general area as the local report of Bigfoot chasing an ATV. The area is called Colmar and Hutch. They are located in Bell county, Kentucky. There are numerous reports in this general area. Some dating back for 50 years ago or more.

Here is the email from a person I will only refer to as Bob. That is not his real name but at his request we will help him keep his privacy.

"I had read the bigfoot chases atv story before and it fascinates me.  I live in the area where this happened and around ten or twelve years ago we had some unusual activity around our home that I can't explain.  One 4th of July my wife and young kids were sitting out in our driveway shooting off fireworks, bottle rockets and sparklers.   It was around dusk and we live in an area with only one neighbor and they were not home that evening.  While shooting the kids were laughing and having a blast and my wife was helping with the younger ones to do sparklers and I was watching my seven year old light bottle rockets.

While watching I started hearing what can only be described as a jabbering off to my left in the woods but I didn't see anything.  It actually sounded like two or three young kids talking but not understandable.  I looked and mine were all present and I could hear them, so I said hey listen and my wife and kids stopped and for a few seconds the jabbering went on and then stopped.  My wife asked what was that?  I said you got me, sounded like young children but they were mumbling you could never make it out as words.  The kids went back to the fireworks and my wife and I watching them but I was keeping ears and eyes open.  In about five minutes I heard it again and this time my oldest son, said I heard it too, sounds like other kids.  Except this time it sounded like it was further back from my left toward the woods in the back yard.  We stopped and same thing, a little jabbering and silence. 

My wife and I were concerned at this point wondering if some young kids had gotten lost in the woods, as it was getting just about dark.  Then we heard it louder in the back yard behind the house except it was loud enough to be heard in the front of the house.  So we stopped and gathered our kids together and walked to the back of the house and I begin to call out to them thinking we have some kids lost, saying if you are lost come to us and we will get you to the police and home.  I said to my wife, walk about half way down in the yard and you call out, if they are lost children they are more likely to come to a woman than a strange man and she did and the jabbering intensified for a minute or two and then faded off into nothing.   We were kind of worried but went on inside and locked up for the evening.  We watched for reports of missing kids the next day and never heard anything.  We never could explain it."

I have personally heard Bigfoot speak on a couple different occasions and I have talked with witnesses who have heard them. Many describe it as gibberish, Russian or Native American. I personally had one event where I heard a Bigfoot talking but it seemed just out of ear shot enough that I could not make out any words. Maybe that was because I just could not understand what it was saying. I would love to go back to that day now, as I would do some things differently.

Here is a couple more stories, Bob, shared with me.

"Another event which was more disturbing was around 2005.  It was late May, early June and the kids were still in school so we would get them to bed around 9:00pm.  When they were tucked in and all was quiet my wife and I would go sit on the front porch in rocking chairs and listen to the woods, hearing the deer and other animals walking about and the various sounds that they make at times.  For a couple of days I would beat her to the porch and be rocking and watching, we have a street light in the front yard and I was noticing nothing new.  I would be out there fifteen to twenty minutes before she would be done inside with the kids.  Everything in that time frame all was normal, but when she would come out within minutes I would get this awful smell, like road kill and I initially thought it was that sometimes a deer will make it to our area after getting dinged on the road and die, but usually that smell is constant for a few days and fades.  I was not smelling it when I went out on the porch.  But when she would come out within four or five minutes it was there.  It was kind of funny because on the third night I finally said something to her, you know every time you come out here the whole area stinks to high heaven and she was not amused but then I said you know I noticed this same pattern for the last three evenings, that is very strange and she said yeah I smelled it as well. 

We blew off the smell as nothing but with the next few minutes on this third night it changed.  It was getting around 10:15-10:30 time frame and we noticed the woods, well the bugs and insects got quite but we could hear movement all about the front and sides of the house where we could see with the street light.  I commented there are lots of wildlife out tonight but the bugs are quite and the steps don't sound right for critters.  She noted the sounds and we were just sitting and listening.  All of a sudden on the back side of the house we hear about ten to twelve solid bangs of wood hitting either our wooden porch on that side or the house, they were LOUD!  She said what was that? I said your family has lived her longer than me, you tell me!  I always sat with a .357 revolver in my lap when on the porch in the evenings and I said to her go get my M1 carbine out of the closet and bring to me.  I walked with my pistol down the porch to the turn to the back and at that point I heard movement, but the house blocked the street light and I couldn't see a thing.  I yelled beating on a house in the middle of the night is a good way to get your ass shot off!!!  I thought this has to be a total idiot.  I heard more movement and cocked the .357 and fired a round into the dirt ground then silence.  At that point my wife tapped me and handed me the .30 caliber carbine and I handed her the .357 and said go inside and count to ten, when you hear me turn the back porch light on.  

I walked quickly to the back porch and heard more movement in the yard but couldn't see a thing and I called out again, you are about to get your tale shot off, no response.  I pointed the carbine in a safe direction where I could see a patch of the ground from the street light and cranked off five or six rounds and I heard movement in the wood line and at that point the back porch light came on, there was nothing there.  I looked and listened and all I could hear was what sounded like something tearing through the woods going parallel to my house and the neighbors heading into rugged mountains.  I know what a wood pecker sounds like and this was not rapid enough nor even close enough in volume and I know what wood on wood sounds like.  It's never happened since.

Shortly there after we got a couple of dogs and they bark at deer, bear and other critters and we haven't had anymore replays of this type event.  My wife does like to go for walks and she will not stray into the woods but will walk to the neighbors house and check it out, they are gone quite a lot and she said she hears wood hitting wood about every time she walks in that direction. 
Well that is the extent of my creepy things in this area.  I have a couple of trail cams out and I get deer, dogs, and the usual critters for the area, nothing interesting.  We don't know what to make of the events, but other than the ongoing wood hitting wood when my wife is walking things are pretty quite and have been for several years. "

Once again, I can recall numerous accounts of Bigfoot slapping the sides of houses. This could possibly explain what happened.

During our correspondence he told be one other short event.

"I am on the fence about boogers or bigfoot.  I can't explain the events that took place logically with any known animal in the woods.  My wife is a total skeptic but she can't explain the events either.

I do recall one other event, which was probably around 2010-2011 time frame in the afternoon around 4:00-5:00.  The dogs were kenneled up in the house because it was pretty cold and the kids were at my brothers house playing with their cousins and my wife and I had to run to the grocery store and when we returned and got out of the car we both heard kind of a sound from the woods beside the house.  It wasn't a roar, it wasn't a squeal or jabber, more like a three or four second huff/growl together.  I have heard deer carry on and bear, even bobcats and fighting raccoons but it didn't sound like that.  Never could place it.   I looked at her and said did you hear that?  She had already instantly stopped as well and was listening and she said yeah I heard it.  I said I can't place it, can you?  No.  We listened for a couple of minutes and heard nothing else and unloaded the groceries and went on inside. 
Other than the wood knocks things are quite at this point."

Bob, also told me that if anything new were to happen or if he caught something interesting on his game cams, that he would get in touch with me.

I know these are non-visual reports but I think most of us would agree that the chances of this being Bigfoot are good. At the very least they appear to be unexplainable and point towards possible Bigfoot.

I would like to thank Bob for sharing his events with all of us and hope to hear from him in the future.  I would like to also reassure Bob, that most likely these Bigfoot are just curious and mean no harm. But it is best to use caution and don't be totally trusting at this point.

Also, it should be noted, that to my knowledge none of Bob's accounts have been published until now. Thanks again Bob.   


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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