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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Do You Have Prophetic Dreams?
Testing Your “Psychic” Abilities
By Dorraine Fisher

Some people claim to have prophetic dreams, or dreams that end up coming true in their waking life, sometimes up to the last detail, including real people, places, and events.  The trouble is, if you have a prophetic dream, you won’t know it until later when your dream disaster strikes in real life. So, is there a way to tell ahead of time if the dream you have will come true? This is tricky, but there are some clues to help you decide if you should be worried.

Normal everynight metaphoric dreams go like this:

If you’re like most people, you have things going on in your life. And you’re often anxiously awaiting the outcome, good or bad. Our dreams are based on data collected every day by our unconscious mind.  And we often don’t acknowledge it consciously in our waking life. So, it then comes alive in our dreams. And often this data it collects has led it to come to a conclusion on its own about your situation’s outcome. Unconsciously, the daily details percolate in the back of your mind as you go about your life. And the unconscious mind is keeping track of all of it. And all this while the conscious mind may actually forget, or isn’t paying close attention to what’s going on in your life moment by moment. Or you may even be blocking these things out of your mind if they’re too horrible or hard to deal with.  But at night, when you’re sleeping, your unconscious mind is trying really hard to help you deal with them. Your unconscious mind seems to know and remember everything.

So, all this information it’s collected comes together and your dream may come alive with great details that resonate with you in a profound way. Then, the next thing you know, something very similar to the dream happens in your waking life, leading you to believe you’ve had a prophetic dream.

So, was it? Well, maybe. Maybe not.

With this every-busy unconscious mind we all have comes a natural sense of knowing that has come alive in our dreams. Anytime you have a dream based on this natural-knowing and previous data collection, what you’ve created in your sleep is a regular run-of-the-mill metaphoric dream.

But it unlocks what I believe are REAL psychic abilities. There are many things you just naturally know or can predict with great accuracy based on the information your unconscious mind has collected. Things you don’t consciously think about moment to moment are alive and well in your UNconscious mind all the time. And whether you know it or not, you make a lot of decisions and even mistakes based on this information.

Science maintains that there are no such things as psychic abilities. But it really depends on how you define “psychic.” Science often describes psychic abilities in a very simplistic way, maintaining that psychics are people who can read people’s minds and predict events before they happen. And it appears they’re assuming that the definition should be cut and dry just like that. But when it comes to the human mind, nothing is very cut and dry.

Our mind is a very complex thing and science doesn’t yet know all the great things of which it’s capable. Neuroscience has made great strides in unlocking the mysteries of our brain, and how it receives and processes information. But our mind is a completely separate thing that science may never fully understand. Such as, where are our memories stored? No one knows. So, to me, a psychic can be someone with highly developed intuition and instincts, and a strong sixth sense...and most people believe in those things to a certain degree. And these abilities are very real and can be strengthened and developed over time. And by this definition, we’re all psychic. At least a little.
So what does all this mean for the possibility of prophetic dreams?

To the person who claims to have prophetic dreams, they are very real, indeed. And sometimes very scary.  But if you really want to get to the truth, ask yourself these things:  Is it one of those cases where the real-life signs were pointing to disaster and you weren’t paying close attention? Did you have some inkling in advance of impending doom in your presence, but ignored the signs? After all this, did your dream materialize in real life... in a sense? These are indications you’re having regular metaphoric dreams in which your subconscious mind is actually trying to bring to your attention to what you’re ignoring or pushing aside in your waking life.

Or, did this come completely out of the blue?  Did it involve other possibly unknown people and places you weren’t yet familiar with? Do you have a history of dreaming dreams that come true? Have you ever predicted important real-life events? Only time can tell for sure that it’s really a prophetic dream, but there are plenty of claims of these kinds of dreams by people throughout history. Abraham Lincoln even claimed to have had a dream about his own funeral a short time before his assassination.

Prophetic dreams are also said to have predicted wars, murders, natural disasters, and accidents. The important thing to note on having this dream, did you have any prior knowledge of the dream subject ahead of time? Were there clues of which you were aware, but not really acknowledging? These are indicators of a regular metaphoric dream.

Or did this subject come to you seemingly out of nowhere, like a winning lottery number or predicting an earthquake, or the death of a celebrity? And then, did this dream event actually happen in the same detail?  These are indicators of a possibly prophetic dream.

The only way to tell is to wait and see. And sometimes it may take years, according to some.

But either way, all these dreams are clearly indicating anxiety and emotional distress that need to be addressed. So, the lesson is to absolutely never ignore your dreams. They’re always trying to tell you something important.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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