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Thursday, March 2, 2017

A couple of years ago, I ran a post about animal communicators (found here) and the possibility of one communicating with bigfoot. I thought the idea was interesting even though that type of thing is kind of far fetched for many people. This post is essentially a guest post, I will just be writing the introduction and some final thoughts.
Even if you don't believe in this type of ability or pet psychics, the following Q & A is interesting and the answers make you think. It also may raise more questions.
Here is the post.

Just for fun, I asked an animal communicator of long acquaintance, who has demonstrated she
genuinely contacts animals I interact with, to contact a bigfoot clan in North America and ask
some questions.

Neither she nor I make any claims as to the accuracy of the session.  This message relates
the responses she received, for what these responses may be worth.

Here is the question list I gave her before the session:

1.  Great People of the Forest, Humanity
    sends you peace, love and respect.

2.  Great People of the Forest, we humans
    have experienced many disappearances
    of human beings in forested lands.  Are
    your people aware of these disappearances?

3.  If yes, do you know who is abducting the
    missing humans?

4.  If yes, do you know why the humans are
    being abducted?

5.  Are there any things you would like to tell
    human society regarding these disappearances?

6.  THANK YOU very much for taking time to
    talk to us, and we humans wish you all the
    best things life has to offer.

The communicator did send those questions completely, but the conversation was broken up
a bit, because the bigfoot representative kept trying to talk about aspects of disappearances
other than "abductions."

Here are some notes I took as she related what she received back:

BF said they are aware of disappearances of humans, but they do not classify them as
abductions. However, BF said, it is difficult to make a general statement about all BF activities
because there are many different clans.

The BF  and the communicator managed to talk they said (this poses more questions than
answers!) that most of the disappearances of humans are VOLUNTARY!

BF said that selected humans who enter the forest are INVITED to stay with BF society, and have the option of saying yes or no.

BF said that they can use their psychic sense to know the personality and character of humans in their environment, and only invite those they feel will be some sort of asset to their society.  The phrase used was humans must have "positive intentions" in order to be invited.

BF said that humans who turn down the invitation go "home or elsewhere."

The communicator thanked BF for taking time to share with us, and offered BF all the
best things life has to offer.

BF responded with a wish that humans will be honorable, brave, curious, and kind.

END of communicator's report.

My (Eleanor White) comments regarding the session:

This session is far from what I expected and certainly poses many questions if it is a
genuine communication with BF.

The first thing that comes to mind is, why haven't we heard from people who have
declined the invitation to join BF society?
Is it that there are so few, and they have been ignored as mentally ill?  And/or is it
that their memories were erased - stories of BF encounters do point to their having
some really heavy duty psychic abilities.

The second thing that comes to mind is, why don't we catch glimpses, at least, of
humans who have "chosen to join" BF society?  Where are they?

One possible answer might be, they were transited into another dimension.  There
are aspects of some BF reports which suggest BF has interdimensional abilities,
such as tracks that simply stop.

Finally, if this was a genuine telepathic encounter with BF, we don't really know
how varied the different clans are.  We may have hit a clan that genuinely doesn't
know much about abductions, and is not "statistically centered" - i.e. not typical.

This could explain what sounds like really odd information.

At any rate, that's what the session produced, for what it may be worth.

Being a member of another species does not mean one isn't tempted to lie.  There seems to be some chance that, if this is a valid BF contact, BF was lying.

I suspect BF knows a lot more than was said during that contact.

I'd like not to think that, but it seems possible.

Personally, I tend to believe there have been a few BF abductions, but that most of those
studied by David Paulides were by some other entity.  I don't think BF would carefully remove
victims' clothing and fold it neatly, for example.

Eleanor White, retired engineer
Ontario, Canada
Website: Lifes Blessings


I find the answers somewhat fascinating, even though I personally do not think Bigfoot has special abilities. In 20 plus years of research, I have never had a Bigfoot experience I thought was "paranormal". I have had paranormal/spiritual events but never with Bigfoot. If I ever experience it, and I'm somewhat open to it, I would gladly report it. But in the case of an animal communicator there could be things in play beyond normal telepathy. I do think there are forms of telepathy, psychic abilities and even if bigfoot does not have the ability, maybe the communicator can still "see" the answer, somehow.

In any case, sometimes we have to get off the standard hike trail to find something new or undiscovered. This idea of an animal communicator and Bigfoot could be a way to probe for answers and clues, even if it is an unorthodox way.

I know it is all speculative but so is a lot of "normal" field research. It is often open to interpretation and person experience. So, lets try not be too critical. Just because you or I do not believe in or understand something, that does not mean it is not real. I know I have faced many people who "don't believe" in Bigfoot, but that don't stop it from being real.

I also want to thank  Eleanor White for this post and her insight and thoughts about the questions and answers. I look forward to future exchanges of thoughts and information with her.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. Thank you Tom, I've been trying to unravel one particular event for years and have not moved one step closer to understanding than when it happened. I'm up with Supernatural possibilities. I'm up with Spiritual possibilities. I'm even up with Paranormal possibilities. I believe these types of occurrences are not beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. It's metaphysics that fog me up, and I'm still sorting through the possibility of a reality and/or multiple realities beyond what is perceptible to the senses. I've worked with "Working Dogs" and even with "Horse Whisperers"... ...I get that! I'd be better inclined to believe Eleanor's Animal Communicator if Eleanor had provided us with primers of what else the communicator had success with before. Like you I've still to witness something paranormal with a Bigfoot... ...my encounters have all been normal and each and every one was extraordinary in and of itself (If you know what I mean), but never paranormal.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It is an interesting idea to use an animal communicator. If you would ever like to have your sighting published on our sight, please use the link at the top of the page and submit it. :)


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