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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bigfoot Sighting In Central Ohio
An Interview With Cynthia Risser
By Dorraine Fisher

We’re always intrigued by stories of bigfoot sightings by people that didn’t believe the creature existed at all...until it walked out in front of them one day. But is it any less significant to have a sighting when you already believe Bigfoot is real?

Maybe not.

It seems believing in Bigfoot for most of your life and actually seeing one are two entirely different things, as Ohio resident, Cynthia Risser, a long-time believer, would come to realize in her recent encounter in Coshocton County, Ohio.

Dorraine: When was the encounter?
Cynthia: Friday evening, 10-07-16 at approximately 7:22-7:23 pm.

Dorraine: Describe the terrain there. What kind of area was this?
Cynthia: In the country off an old gravel/dirt road. Hilly, wooded, secluded.

Dorraine: Describe the events leading up to the encounter.
Cynthia: It was Dusk. I had just left a friends house and was driving home.

Dorraine: Describe the creature you saw. What color? Etc.
Cynthia: This creature was a white/gray mix on his back and shoulders, but mainly on his back. The rest of his hair covered body was of a darker color. Dark brown. His head and face oblong, round puffy cheeks, with what appeared to be a ridged back head, as with some Silverback gorillas. This creature was HUGE, standing 8-9.5 ft tall. It had very wide shoulders, I estimate 4 ft wide. I saw hair on the top of it's head bounce as it moved. I saw him from the right side and then the back approx. 15 Ft. away. The torso was long and wide. It's thigh was long, thick and muscular. I was still in motion and so was he so I had a couple points of view. When I saw him step I could see the outline of his buttocks area, it appeared to be round. I saw the creature take a couple steps, slightly duck, tilt to the right, and he was gone into the brush and trees.

Dorraine: Did it make any sounds or verbalizations?
Cynthia: No sounds were heard. My windows were up.

Dorraine: How did you feel when you saw it?
Cynthia: There was no fear..there was nothing at this time..My mind was trying to process what I was seeing.

Dorraine: What thoughts were going through your mind?
Cynthia: It was almost a dream state. Almost as if my mind played in slow motion. I'm thankful I have a photographic memory. I couldn't believe my eyes. It wasn't until a couple seconds after the sighting I reacted with questioning myself, excitement and then the need to tell someone.

Dorraine: How long was the encounter?
Cynthia: Hard to estimate really. I honestly can't say.

Dorraine: Was anyone with you? Did other people see it?
Cynthia: No, I was alone.

Dorraine: Were you able to take any pictures or video?
Cynthia: No, not that evening. Everything happened so quickly I didn't think to grab my phone. When I had turned around, it had become too dark.

Dorraine: Did you look or see any tracks?
Cynthia: Yes. I returned to the site a couple days later as my friend was unavailable the following day and I wasn't about to go alone not even in the daylight! I picked my friend up on Sunday morning and we found prints in the tall grass right where I had my sighting.

Dorraine: Did you notice anything else?
Cynthia: Yes. There was approximately a 2 ft. drop which could possibly explain why I saw the creature tilt to the right. It had to step down. There were also strange clumps of sticks and a bent tree shoved into others.

Dorraine: Describe the events when you left the area.
Cynthia: Immediately following my sighting that night, I grabbed my phone to call my friend who I had just dropped off. He just happened to be calling me about a jacket he thought he had left in my truck. I told him what I had just seen. I turned around to head back to his place but then noticed there was no jacket in my truck. I turned around once again, grabbed my phone and started recording. Unfortunately, it grew very dark by this time. I then contacted my friend Ray, we spoke until I arrived home, about an hour later.

Dorraine: What did you do in the days and weeks after the encounter? Did you tell anyone/ alert authorities?
Cynthia: I told everyone who would listen but no authorities were notified, although the thought did cross my mind. I did give my story/location to one researcher who I trusted before some details faded. I didn't want researchers stomping around the area. But, this isn't something I could keep to myself. I had goosebumps for two days just thinking about it. I had spent the day after the sighting researching pictures and comparing to what I had seen. I was obsessed. I tried several attempts at sketching the creature. I honestly couldn't get it off my mind. I have since contacted a sketch artist who is still currently working on it.

Dorraine: Cynthia, I know you’re a long-time believer, but how long have you actually been a believer and involved with bigfoot before having seen this one recently?
Cynthia: My curiosity was sparked back in 1975 when my grandfather took me to see my first movie in the theater, Mysterious Monsters. I was nine years old. It wasn't until years later while being on Facebook I was searching for groups of interest. That's when I found a Bigfoot group. My interest was reignited. I believe that was back in 2011.

Dorraine: So, being a believer in bigfoot already, what impact would you say that had on you when you had your encounter? How did affect what you were seeing and how you processed it, if any?
Cynthia: Honestly, I still went through the entire, "What is that?".."Did I just see that?" mental game as anyone else would. I was in a state of awe, and disbelief. You can believe in something without ever seeing it but if it happens, you're still shocked and amazed. It would be the equivalent of a paranormal researcher seeing his first apparition and turning to his friend for confirmation saying, "DID YOU SEE THAT??!! DID YOU JUST SEE THAT??!" only, I didn't have anyone to turn to. My mind quickly processed the information, comparing to other creatures and gave the only logical conclusion it could. I saw a Bigfoot.

Dorraine: Since the encounter, have you had any additional thoughts, developed any philosophies?
Cynthia: Since my experience, I'm more aware of what's out there. I KNOW what roams those woods and I'm not so quick to go wandering about them trying to locate the creature I've seen. I suppose it's a case of "Watch what you wish for.” I no longer desire to do wood knocks or whoops to draw attention or a response. It changed me. Scared me even. I am no longer as comfortable alone in wooded areas as I once was. I am now always more aware and on alert and I will NOT go alone.

Dorraine: Is there any information you’d like to add?
Cynthia: Well, there is some background info prior to my sighting. For months I was going down to my friends place and things were happening. Even after my sighting I had rocks thrown out into the road close to where I was sitting. The dogs were looking that direction also. It was unnerving as I was alone, but they weren't thrown to hit me. The rocks came out from the high brush and trees across the road. This is the same hill just on the other side where I had my sighting 2 weeks prior. And it was morning..not dusk. I actually saved one of the rocks that were thrown. lol At the time it had appeared to be down in the earth about 1 1/2" ..was still dirty and damp. It's now faded.

My friends who are hunters were out by the fire one night..they were messing around wood knocks and whoops while I was indoors sleeping. She came in and woke me saying they heard replies back from one hill and then another from another hill. And these are the same people who mocked me as unbelievers.

Special thanks to Cynthia Risser for sharing her story with The Crypto Crew.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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