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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Evolution Vs. Creationism - What If They’re Both Right?
The Ancient Sumerians, Intervention Theory, and the Forbidden History of Our Origins
By Dorraine Fisher

Science and religion are often intertwined...whether they want to be or not.
And no matter what people believe about where we humans came from, there may always be disagreement. And the debate between religion and science is the biggest debate about our origins raging to this day.

Evolution vs. creationism is an argument with which most of us are familiar. And it can be a very angry topic for both sides. One side believes we evolved, as Charles Darwin theorized, gradually from great apes. The other side, the religious side, claims that humans and our planet are simply too profoundly amazing and unique that we must have been intelligently designed by a creator.
But what if they’re both right, in a sense? What if there were elements of both evolution AND creation that shaped who we’ve become?

And what am I talking about?

There is real-world evidence to support such an idea out in the fringes of historic record. And it’s called Intervention Theory. But first we have to look at what’s wrong with both sides of the argument.
Creationism is considered by many to be a wonderful story, a myth, if you will, though it neglects to explain important details scientifically. But since science wasn’t a prevalent endeavor at the time the Old Testament was written, this is to be expected. And I think the people of the time made an interpretation of events they saw take place in the only way they could understand. And they accepted stories that were handed down to them because this is how they learned about their history.

Evolution, on the other hand, relies on evidence that’s been found that shapes the idea that humans evolved gradually from great apes into what we are now. And there is a lot of evidence to support this theory, but it’s hard to find enough evidence to support the idea that evolution affected us in the same way as other animals. There isn’t enough evidence to support the idea that we evolved directly from great apes. The major hurdle that science can’t seem to resolve is that about 200,000 years ago, great apes made an enormous and somewhat unusual evolutionary leap, and humans, albeit homo sapiens, emerged seemingly out of nowhere, and became a dominant force on the planet in a relatively short time. After millions of years of lumbering along at an evolutionary snail’s pace, we suddenly burst onto the scene at an accelerated rate of speed.


Science has never answered this question satisfactorily. But what if the ancient myths have been telling the story all along and we’ve been ignoring it because of what we’ve been taught to believe? Now, we always shut down when we science-minded types hear the word myth, because it all seems so UN-scientific, but try to just stay with me on this.

When I was in grade school, and we learned about the first civilizations, we were always taught that the ancient texts they inscribed everywhere were just myths; like stories told to children that explained all the things to which they really didn’t know all the answers. But what if they aren’t myths at all? Inscriptions on stones were not the easiest thing to accomplish. There was a lot of labor involved in making them. Why would they tell mythical stories to them with no historical significance? Wouldn’t it make more sense to inscribe actual events? We assume that, since the texts often refer to “gods” that it must be their mythology. But what if they were telling about real people they believed to be gods? How would that change our interpretation?

This is the question that a man named Zecharia Sitchin wanted to answer. Sitchin, a Russian-born scholar, author, linguist, and researcher specializing in cuneiform writing, had been driven for years to meticulously study the Sumerian inscriptions and finally crack the code of those ancient texts like no one had been able to do before. He was one of only a couple hundred people in the world capable of interpreting cuneiform writing. And he eventually claimed he succeeded in interpreting the Sumerian texts in 1976, in his book, The Twelfth Planet, where he told a story from them that revealed a possibility so shocking that it rocked the scientific world and led it to dig in its heels and deny it all. But it also led many to question long-held scientific interpretations of the texts. This gave rise to what is now called Intervention Theory ....or the alternative story of how the world and we humans were “created”... by the so-called “gods.”

In these texts, Sitchin explains from his interpretation of The Seven Tablets of Creation also called the Enuma Elish, the Sumerian’s story of the Annunaki, or the gods they served. These were living, breathing, flesh-and-blood beings that were described as having the appearance of humans and the emotions and flaws of humans also. They told of the gods often being angry, selfish, or jealous. But they could also be benevolent, caring, and charitable. They were very tall, possibly 8 to 10 feet, as depicted in the texts, and believed to be immortal, but probably just had very long life spans. They were highly advanced beings that flew, not on their own, but with the aid of flying machines that the people may not have understood well enough to describe as anything except giant metal birds. And they had many other forms of technology.

The solar system according to Sumerian texts.
And they have depicted our solar system with twelve planets, counting earth’s moon, revolving around the sun. As the story goes, the earth, or the planet the gods called Tiamat was hit by one of the moons of a roving planet that had spun out of its orbit. The force was so intense that earth was broken in half and spun, on fire, out of control for a very long time before it finally reshaped itself and slowly became the living planet we know today, with water, living plants, and evolving wildlife, including some largely unimpressive primates believed to be some of our pre-human ancestors. Though they had a very long way to go to become what we are today.

In the meantime, according to the story, in our solar system, there was a twelfth planet the Annunaki called Nibiru, that would spin in and out of our orbit every 3600 years, and this is the planet they claimed they came from. And they were said to have come here to Tiamat or Earth looking for gold to fix the damage they had done to their own atmosphere on Nibiru. 

The strange orbit of Nibiru was considered impossible in years past, but many astronomers now agree it's possible.

And it was at about this time 200,000 years ago history tells us that the ancient Sumerian culture seemed to appear out of nowhere in what is now Iraq, highly advanced, when the rest of the humanoid beings on earth were scattered and living in caves.

And as the story continues, their quest for gold continues. But extracting it is hard, tedious work, and the Annunaki don’t like doing it. So they devised a plan to take the little humanoid beings that already existed here, now believed by many to be homoerectus, and use their technology and their own DNA to genetically manipulate and hybridize themselves a worker race to mine the gold in southern Africa. This race needed to be just intelligent enough to follow instructions and do the work, but not so intelligent as to cause trouble.

And so it came to pass, these “gods” created the human race, probably in their own image, and they called them Adamu, a name curiously close to the name Adam from the Old Testament. And incidentally, the ancient Hebrews, having been exposed to this story through their enslavement, later appear to have created their own version of it which is now the Old Testament (I’ll be talking about that more in the future.)
The "goddess" Enki presenting the first human of their creation, curiously called Adamu. Does the equipment to the left appear to resemble a laboratory of some sort?

The Annunaki probably made many mistakes at first, but they finally came up with a “product” that could reproduce on its own. Us. A being far from perfect, with many genetic flaws, not quite suited to life on earth, but intelligent enough to utilize its own world and survive independently and procreate while doing the work of the gods.

But where’s the proof?

There is some very compelling evidence to support this.

First of all, humans have DNA that can’t be recognized as belonging in this world. It has often been called junk DNA, but is more often now curiously called “alien” DNA. Are they more right than they realize?

Second of all, if we, as humans on earth, had continued on the same trajectory and at the same speed as we had done on our early evolutionary path, it would have taken roughly 5 million more years for us to have reached the point of being able to build a real civilization than it did. And to reach the machine age and the space age might have taken another 5 million years. But something launched us forward at an accelerated pace. Think of early humans lumbering along trying to make better arrowheads, and then suddenly being launched into civilization. And only 66 years time elapsed between the Wright brothers first flight and the first man on the moon. How did we suddenly get so smart and so advanced? This all happened far too quickly for evolution to have taken place in the true sense of the word.

Thirdly, if you do your research, you’ll find that we humans don’t really resemble great apes in very many ways. Great apes are designed for their environment, have greater bone density, a covering of fur, better vision and hearing and olfactory senses required to live on this planet. If we humans evolved for life on this planet, why are we so poorly designed for the task? Darwin was correct and evolution is a real thing. It’s been proven time and time again in other species. But the very purpose of evolution is to create a better biological design in a species so it can better survive in its environment. Why do we need to wear clothes and shoes and sunglasses for protection on the planet on which we are supposed to have evolved? Why do we have hundreds of genetic defects? Defects that only usually happen in genetically modified species like pets and livestock that have been manipulated and hybridized? It doesn’t make sense unless intervention theory is true.

Though humans are supposed to have evolved from great apes, the real resemblances are few. As a species, we humans seem much more fragile at first glance.Though we have much larger brains and hands designed for tasks that are much more detailed like playing music or creating art.

And lastly, the most important and significant of all the evidence. The fused chromosomes. Great apes have 48 sets of chromosomes. We have 46, and were supposed to have evolved from these great apes. It isn’t possible under natural circumstances to lose two chromosomes and come out better. But maybe we didn’t really lose anything. We have fewer sets because the second and third of the old primate (possibly homoerectus) chromosomes were fused together. All humans have this, and it’s not something that happens naturally in any living species. That is something that only happens in a lab. Scientists have been working hard to come up with an explanation for this, but what if it’s simply because we’re a genetically manipulated species? This is what intervention theorists consider to be the smoking gun.

Human chromosomes. Notice the 2nd pair of chromosomes at the top. Great apes have 48 pairs. We have 46. How did we lose two chromosomes and become better? Perhaps the answer is, we didn't lose anything. The 2nd and 3rd ape chromosomes have been fused together to create us. This is a process that doesn't occur naturally. Only in a lab. The proverbial smoking gun.

So, could this be how the human race came to be...in such a short period of time? Are we half extra-terrestrial and half caveman? Are evolutionism and creationism both true in our origins?

Evolution is real. But could this mean creationism is real too? Just a little different than we thought?

The Old Testament said “Let us create man in OUR image.” Is that what they did, but in an unexpected way? Did they use their own DNA to create us? What if we actually were an evolved species like Darwin contended, but helped along a little in our advancement by “intelligent design” by the so-called gods who were actually just flesh-and-blood beings from another world so advanced as to be called gods? How would that affect the way we look at our history...and our spirituality? My guess is it wouldn’t really change anyone’s core beliefs all that much. But it might end the argument once and for all.

If you’d like to know more about the Annunaki and Intervention Theory, read the book by Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet, or watch this video:

In the meantime, Intervention Theory and Zecharia Sitchin are still, after more than 30 years, subject to debate.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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