Sunday, December 20, 2015

Large Tracks Found In Washington

Still frame from the video
Recently, a couple was out fishing and found these very large human looking foot prints. In the above picture the shoe is dwarfed by the large print. According the what I've read these were found in Hoh Rainforest. The Hoh Rainforest is located on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington state, USA.

More information can be found on facebook in the Kitsap County Bigfoot Headquarters Group. Reportedly there was 15 total tracks that eventually cut into the woods and onto a mossy area. According to information posted in the Kitsap County Bigfoot HQ, the day the tracks were found it was 38 or 39 degrees and raining. That seems a bit cold for someone to be out running around barefooted. 

Here is the video of the tracks.

I'm pretty sure these were found on December 7th of 2015.

The state of Washington has had a long history of Bigfoot sightings. The sightings database has 615 Bigfoot reports logged in the state of Washington.

This is a very nice track find.


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