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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Creature seen on 74 Ortega Hwy

I got this report in last night. It is interesting, as the creature, was what sounds like, a very small Bigfoot.  If it was a young Bigfoot, then one could only imagine it was what we would call a toddler.

Here is the report.

- Start Report -

 Name: Amber ******

Email Address: on file

State: California

County: Orange

Date of Sighting: 5-17-2015

Time of Day: 9:00pm

Nearest Town: Cleveland Forest

Length of Sighting: 10 seconds

How many Witnesses: one

Any Photos/Videos: no

Describe sighting in detail:

I was driving on 74 Ortega Hwy to Lake Elsinore, after work. It was raining & I turned my brights on, when I saw a small man like creature. It was 1-2 feet tall, dark colored like the trees. It was in the middle of the road & turned it's body in my direction but I couldn't see eyes. It then ran across as I passed it. There was no where to pull over and my phone had no reception. I've purchased a dash cam and I intend on capturing it on film if I cross paths with it again.

- End Report -

!! UPDATE !!

I got an update from Amber. She is attempting to document this creature Here is part of the update she sent me.

"..... stop by the Ortega Highway Candy Store, and found out there was another sighting. A sheep herder kept hearing something in his trash cans 3 nights in a row. The 3rd night he went out with the shotgun and saw a small man that attacked him scratching his face. He shot at it and hit it but it kept on running. Shannon & Kelly (candy store) both thought he was on something until I came in last week with a similar story.  They said he moved a way, I'm still investigating. I'm also planning a hike to the Ortega falls. I think the creature would live in the mountain side caves deep in the forest. I guess it is nocturnal since I saw it at night and it's dark wood color......."

Now, this new possible sighting with it attacking a man and scratching his face is interesting. If anyone has more information about that event, please contact us.

Here is a small map of the Candy Store area.


If Amber sends more updates I will add them here. Thanks for the update Amber.

- End Update -

- UPDATE 2 - 

I got another email update from Amber. There has been some more developments in this area. Here is the information from Amber.

"I called the Park Ranger and he laughed when I asked if any pet monkeys were loose. He said none had been reported as he giggled. My friend Shannon (Candy Store) showed me these Facebook posts."

(here is what one of the post says)

"No way, this finally got heard/published, Wow I have to make some calls, Thank you"

Amber's email continued:

"Also when I was there a week ago, waiting for the rock slide to be cleared. A man came in to wait and told us he & his son saw a Big foot by the Riverside County Fire Station.
He said he's lived in Lake Elsinore for many years and this was the first time he's stopped in. I don't know if he'll stop in again but if he does I'll get his info.

 I added a picture I made on photoshop, of what I saw that night. Except it was sprinkling and the creature was darker color, I just made him that light to be visible.
Do you think it might be an alien and not Little-Big foot?"

Here is Amber's rendition of what she saw

First, a thanks to Amber for keep me/us updated on her research efforts into what she saw and for taking the time to create an image of her sighting.

Now, she ask what my thoughts are as to whether the creature was a possible alien or a little Bigfoot. I would think that this was probably a small bigfoot. It may even be a bigfoot that is deformed either by birth defect or an accident. It is really hard to say. I wonder if dwarfism happens happens in Bigfoot? If so, could this possibly be a case of dwarfism?

With this new information, we can see that there are possible other sightings of this creature, we can only hope they file a report with us or that Amber can get their story. 

Once again, I will continue to update this post with any new information that I get.

- End Update 2 -

If we assume this was a very young toddler Bigfoot, then it would also be safe to assume an adult was near by.

2015 seems to have been a slow year for reported Bigfoot sightings.So, thanks to Amber for submitting her sighting.

Also if anyone else has seen a possible Bigfoot on hwy 74, please let us know.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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  1. Thomas... I am very familiar with the area Amber is speaking of.. To make the 'lay of the land' easier to visualize, Ortega Hwy traverses a coastal mountain range between Orange County (highly industrialized with its far edge on the ocean) and Riverside County (less industry, more or less bedroom communities).. An easy estimate of, probably, 20-30,000 people per day travel the Ortega Hwy to and from work.. Once you start into the mountains headed into Orange County the land becomes fairly rugged and remains that way for probably 2/3 to 3/4 of the drive.. Except for a few weekend hikers and bikers on marked trials the mountain range doesn't see much activity.. I've worked on the radio repeater sites that dot the mountain tops in years past and can honestly say that wild life abounds.. Everything from large cats, mule deer, bob cats and the like.. Forest Service keeps a pretty tight rein on who may and may not use the roads.. I will say that there is a very high probability of a group or small band of Bigfoot being in the area or passing thru.. So much more I can tell you about the surrounding area and possible situations other people have had.. Email me if you would like a further rundown.... DDDDDDDDDDD

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. 10pm 12-25-2015 I saw a black creature by road side on hwy 74 about two miles before the orange county fire stations on right hand side opposite creek I got a good look at it about 6 foot tall kind of thin.

  4. 10pm 12-25-2015 I saw a black creature by road side on hwy 74 about two miles before the orange county fire stations on right hand side opposite creek I got a good look at it about 6 foot tall kind of thin.

  5. t In 2012 in Lake Forest i was driving south bound on lake forest and i was about to cross the Pittsford light...I would say i was about a 1/2 mile before the light when i saw this kid about 3 1/2 maybe 4 feet tall at the most coming the embankment on the other side of the street. Fast like he/she was being chased. I didn't see any parents and became concerned when i quickly hit the brakes flashed my brights because he/she was now crossing my side of the road. What i witnessed changed my life forever because we are definitely not alone. The creature, which i witnessed was part human part reptilian. The skin seemed to be reptilian and the head narrow huge red eyes(maybe reflection of the headlight) with small horns on the back of the creatures head. The arms strangely went past the knees but had 4 digits, well lets say the creatures hands dangled past the creatures knees. No tail! came down the embankment and ran across the road just like a human. Bi-Piddle and never used front arms what so ever. Had my windows rolled down and when my car finally stopped about 15 10 feet from this creature....the creature then stopped and not even afraid of the car mind you.... threw up both arms and made a high pitched screeching hiss and kept crossing the street fast as lighting. Faster then a dog of human or any animal that comes to mind. The creature then ran into the chaparral down to Serrano Creek, because the next day i went to the location where i saw this creature and followed the trail to Serrano Creek, which logically makes sense. This reptilian/human creature travels along the creek with a source of water to survive. I used to work for the SPCA and came across everything from cats to cougars. Have done hiking from here to Colorado, Oregon and other far off locations and never witnessed this half Human half reptile creature. I know what i witnessed and fully straight as an arrow, with no drugs or alcohol when i saw this creature from hell. Let's say this, if i was that rancher and was bit by this creature out in the middle of nowhere...i would be moving the next day, but would be full armed like no other. This creature that i witnessed was also witnessed by a father and son in Coto de Casa, if that's the way you say it. They witnessed the creature for about 15 seconds then ran off super fast and shook there world like no other.The father, an engineer, has since moved away his family to Utah shortly after the encounter with the creature. Also witnessed in Dana Point. A gentleman by the named of Dylan was down by the river bed towards the end near the beach with some friends when they heard some noise then turned to a drainage sewer pipe coming out of the wall. That's when they saw the creature exactly with its hands in front screeched and did a full 360 movement with it's body. As in followed the circumference of the drainage pipe. Dylan said they ran for there lives and so afraid. He also said it was exactly what i saw and described to some friends here at my house. How did he know that i was talking to some friends, well he was a roommate and heard me talking about the creature that i saw and that's when he came out of his room as white as a ghost and said. "I saw the same creature that you saw here in Lake Forest." My best friend Stefan is super good friends with the father and son who witnessed this creature in Coto. I truly believe there is more then one and this reptilian/humanoid creature uses the sewers to travel during the day to avoid detection. Please everyone be careful with all pets and kids. I believe this creature or creatures are through out the Cleveland National forest, as well as the Saddleback Valley and through out south OC. God i wish i would of had a dash-cam. Everyone be safe!!!


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