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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Game camera photo that is featured in Bigfoot:Still Tracking a Legend.
If we back up and really look at the incredible amount of evidence concerning Bigfoot, I just don't see how anyone, who has looked at the evidence, can still have a lot or maybe any doubts.

The above picture (date is off) is one that I was able to capture via game camera in 2013. The evidence surrounding this photo is enormous. I have made 2 documentary films based on about 3 years of research where this picture was captured. I have also shared many videos on our youtube channel. Everything has been well documented. Yet, I have people who are just not willing to consider the evidence or entertain the idea that Bigfoot is real. Numerous tracks (well over 30), numerous stick formations, 3 witness sightings, tree breaks, and more, all documented. Still not accepted by some.

But, lets forget me and my small part of the Bigfoot puzzle. Lets talk about the thousands and thousands of witness sightings. People from all walks of life have reported seeing Bigfoot. Bigfoot reports from policemen, farmers, government workers, preachers, firemen, teachers, doctors, truck drivers and about any other type of person you can think of. But yet, some say you can't believe witness testimony. Funny, how witness testimony is a corner stone in most judicial systems, but when it comes to Bigfoot you just can't trust it.

Of course, we know that some people do lie and hoax but I'm sure there are many people who, if you examined their lives, you would find that they are honest and truthful people. Lets take a christian person for example. If they are truly Christian, it would go against their moral and religious compass to fabricate tales of seeing Bigfoot. I do understand that some Christians do lie, but it would be easy to get some background on a person by simply contacting people in their home town. Policemen have historically been considered to be truthful people and their testimony rock solid in the court of law. Of course, I know you can find some exceptions, but for the most part their testimony is considered fact and holds up in court.

So far, we have thousands of credible witnesses, not to even mention they are from all across most of the planet. So, now lets take a look at some of the other evidence that many dismiss.

Tracks and track casting have been made and collected for the last 50+ years. They have been looked at and studied by many people. Fakes have been weeded out and yet we are left with hundreds of plaster cast tracks of large human looking foot tracks that can't easily be explained away. Many of these tracks are accompanied by some type of eye witness account of seeing an unknown, large, hairy humanoid creature. But yet, many want to just dismiss them.
This track on the left, along with others, were found in a garden in 2011. Something had eaten six rows of corn and some other items over night. The corn cobs were left in neat little piles. These tracks were about 16 inches long. This report came from a very credible family. You can read the full report by Clicking here.

I also included this report in my recently released book, Bigfoot Witness, because I know I can trust the source it came from. I also know the area where this happened.

The picture on the right is of a track casting just being pulled out of the ground. This was found and cast by Bobby and Corinna Long in Oregon.

Many of these tracks are found in isolated areas with little foot traffic. Then you need to think about how many people actually walk in the forest without shoes, I'm guessing not very many. 

If you keep digging, the evidence just keeps piling up. Over the years more and more stick formations have been found. I spend a lot of time in the mountains, I have seen areas where there seems to be something different going on with the trees. I have walked many miles where the mountains seem totally normal and as expected. With my logging experience I have seen trees land and fall about every way imaginable. But yet in certain areas, normally where Bigfoot sighting have occurred, I find weird and unusual stick creations and tree breaks.
I personally have found several "X" formations. In almost all the ones I have found, the limbs forming the "X" were broken off and came from somewhere else. They were not just two small tress pushed across each other. These type of "X" formations have been well documented by many researchers for a long time now.

Photo Credit: Dax Rushlow

Sometimes these stick formations resemble Native American Teepees. Again, these are sometimes found in the same areas where Bigfoot sightings occur.  Often times, there will also be broken tree limbs near stick formations. The tree breaks are normally pretty high up, 6 foot or more. This Bigfoot behavior, and others concerning sticks, is very well documented by many researcher all over the world. But yet, it is not accepted by some people.

This post is getting rather long and I've only briefly covered just a very small amount of Bigfoot evidence.  There is so much more like sound recordings of howls and some even of possible speech. Rock clacking reports. Tree knocking. Rock throwing. While, there are many things we do not know about Bigfoot and Bigfoot behavior, there are many things we do know because the evidence is repeated over and over by various researchers all over the planet and by people who have never met or spoken to each other.  You can say "well, they seen it on the internet" but this stuff was happening before the internet was even thought about.

In this day and age, most everyone is interested in video and photographical evidence of Bigfoot. There are some older videos that are very much worth considering. The Patterson-Gimlin film, The Hoffman film, and The Freeman footage are all note worthy and should at least be considered. There are several more films as well, just search around.

As for pictures, there are many, but most are out of focus or taken at a long distance. Some of them are possible misidentifications but there are some pretty good ones out there.

Like this recent picture from Jeff and Teresa Yelek of SIR. It appears to be a face. The good part is that the duo went back to the area and took some after photos and the face was not there. Jeff and Teresa was also featured in Crypto Tracker Chronicles episode 1. You can get more information and see the after photos in that program.

Sometimes, people criticize Bigfoot photos for being blurry or out of focus but one must remember that in many of the sighting cases the creature was fleeing and the witness was shaken up. If you have a pictures and you have a witness, then in my mind the case is somewhat stronger, providing the witness is credible. Then you add in a credible researcher to investigate the area and claim. Then once more evidence is collected, the evidence should speak for itself. But yet, it is still dismissed by some.

Of course, we have hoaxers, liars, thieves, and con men who are just muddying the waters of Bigfoot research. They are attention seekers and are just trying to gain some publicity by pulling hoaxes. Any researcher worth his salt will do what he or she can to debunk and expose these type of people and their claims. Even after you take out these types of false reports, we are still left with a mountain of evidence from credible sources that can not be explained away.

So, for all the doubters and those who just want to dismiss every thing, I say do some digging. Don't go looking for hoaxes and fake reports, God knows they are out there, but go looking for credible reports from credible people. Reports that can't easily be explained away. Look for researchers who have an honest reputation, then check them out for yourself. Of course, in this field we do have a lot of over zealous people, but that does not make them dishonest. Look for down to earth researchers. Ones who weigh and attempt to debunk their own evidence. You might just be surprised at the mountain of evidence you find.

My goal has never been to prove Bigfoot to the general public or science, but there are some people who are interested in the phenomena but are still on the fence. I encourage them to jump in and keep reading and looking at the evidence.

For some the large amount of evidence will never be enough. It will take a personal sighting or encounter to convince them. They just will not accept the evidence and in many cases will not even look at it.

So why isn't the evidence enough? Could it be because some will not look at it? Or could it be that the water has been made muddy by the hoaxers? Or has all the ridicule and lame news reports put walls up, walls so big that almost no one wants to consider the evidence?

My guess is that the reasons vary on an individual bases. That some, may have never had something "unusual" or weird happen to them. Who knows for sure.

All we can do is share with like minded people and with those who are willing to consider that there is more to our wonderful world than they might have imagined.

There is so much more I could go into but this post is probably already too long. I hope you enjoy it.  


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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  1. Thomas, the problem is that a million pieces of "maybe" or even "probably" evidence do not equal one objectively clear piece of evidence.

  2. Tom, before I had my encounter with the big guy I just let these kind of things go in one ear and out the other. I never went on the sites looking at the stuff and I was raised in the time you where taught to have respect for everyone so me having worked my life in the public if anyone started telling or talking about any of this stuff I simple listened waiting for a way to get away. Now why nonbelievers go trolling around causing trouble is beyond me.

    Looking at your trail camera photo I can't help but wonder if that might be the same one , Was you ever able to estimate size? My encounter happened in October of 07 and I can remember hearing activity ( yells and knocks ) for 3 Springs after that when the turkeys came down and started gobbling. I wonder if the cool mornings had more to do with the sound being able to be heard?

    Anyway the one I encountered was at least eight feet tall four foot across the shoulders and the head in perfect portion. The eyes where as large as coffee cups and I could of fit my large hand between them easily. They glowed white as snow, I think from three street lights that some of the light shown in under the trees.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I was able to get the size, distance from camera and done recreations. The figure is over 6 foot tall but not more than 7. I documented it very well in my newest film Bigfoot: STILL tracking a legend.
      I recently found the juvenile tracks in this same area. I'm going to continue to research this area. Thanks


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