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Monday, April 27, 2015

A few days ago I received an interesting email. It was about animal communicators and the email stated that the sender had had "some heartwarming and amazing experiences communicating with various species of animals by way of animal communicators".

She also ask me the question "Has anyone ever tried to establish communication with
bigfeet people by way of an animal communicator who has a proven track record?"

Well, to be honest I had never really thought about the use of a animal communicator in an attempt to communicate with Bigfoot. I do know that some make claims that Bigfoot can "Mind speak" but this is something I have never experienced.

So, as I was thinking about the possibilities, some things started to come to my mind about the whole idea of using an animal communicator.

I guess the first thing would be for the animal communicator to team up with one of the people who have been habituating with Bigfoot for many years. I think this would increase the chances of the forest people being around and if there was already a relationship, it would make the whole process easier.

I know of several people who claim to have a habituation relationship with groups of Bigfoot. I don't know if they would be interested in an animal communicator or not.

For those who might not be familiar with animal communicators here is a very basic definition.

Animal Communication is a form of intuitive or telepathic communication, a non-verbal language with animals.

Some communicators claim that we are all basically born with this ability but most fail to learn to use it.

During my email exchange I was send a website which is basically a directory of animal communicators. As I looked it over I noticed that there are basically communicators spread all over the United States. There are even listings for many other countries as well. I also noticed a lot of the communicators has been doing this service many many years and even offer to communicate with dead pets.

Now, I'll be first to admit I don't know much about this type of service or ability but have heard about it in days gone by.

So, I guess my questions for the readers would be:

1. Do you think this type of thing would work with Bigfoot?

2. Have you ever used a animal communicator, and if so what was the results?
3. Would any of the Bigfoot habituators be interested in trying an animal communicator? 

If anyone is interested in this service, here is the link to the directory
Animal Communicator Directory

Please feel free to leave some comments and thoughts about Animal Communicators.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. This video convinced me that it's real: https://youtu.be/wL--zc1KIxk

    When I first saw the video, it occurred to me how valuable this kind of communication would be when a family's home is being harassed by a bigfoot. Maybe an animal communicator could find out why the bigfoot is upset and the communicator might be able to help the situation.

  2. Its kind of one of those smack yourself in the head moments wondering why I never thought of that before! :)

  3. Hi I agree with Ruth "YES!" Anna is one of the Best Animal Communicators I have seen yet... you can look up her stories on youtube how she came about with Animal Communication. I have also heard that the Sasquatch are a People and they "DO" communicate telepathically. Ask Kewaunee Lapseritis he's also on F/B and Youtube and also has a couple of books on this subject of the Bigfoot.

    I also just watched the latest Survivorman Bigfoot Season 6 - Episode 5 with Todd Standing again, and Todd had some unsettling news to share with Les Stroud, which he didn't share right away that his usual place for activity has quietened down considerably. Todd shares a story of one of his days out in the forest where his usual place of high activity had been, it was night time and he heard people (and I'm kind of guessing, they were navy or something of the like camping not far from him) he all of a sudden heard many gunshots go off in the night and then heard a chopper, stealth like (no lights) land and then take off again. I also watch timbergiantbigfoot's youtube channels and he had a very similar experience while out doing his bigfoot research as well, but this was during the day with surveillance/search people out and choppers flying around, not long after that there's a huge fence up around his area.

    Anyway, what I'm getting to here is... if the Sasquatch are a people, (an ancient people who have been here thousands of years who are more advanced, way more advanced in that they can do some pretty incredible stuff, like materialize and dematerialize (cloaking), communicate telepathically and are incredible nature people who I have heard do have some kind of connection to UFO/Aliens, Maybe, perhaps, this is why we have never been able to see them face to face... Perhaps there's a cover-up of some sort. I'm just speculating here, but could that be why we have never had contact? Just like the UFO cover ups... I mean people all over the world see them. Is it a confidence that people have seen Bigfoot but it mostly gets written off by naysayers... I'm just wondering if the Sasquatch proof gets exposed then perhaps we will then find out Aliens are real too and that they have been among us all along. And again, I'm just speculating and basing this on other peoples findings as they do the research. Certainly makes a person go hmmmm??


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