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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Map of sighting area
I got this report from Indiana submitted to me a couple days ago. I think there are many people that know about the fear of seeing a Bigfoot up close.

Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Charles ********
Email Address: on file
State: Indiana
County: Morgan County
Date of Sighting: Summer of 99
Time of Day: 4-6 PM
Nearest Town: Paragon
Length of Sighting: 30 seconds
How many Witnesses: 2
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
I went to stay the weekend with my best friend Sam at his dads and grandpas. His dad lived at the top of the hill and there was a pond behind the trailer.
His grandpa lived down at the bottom of the hill. His grandpa use to tell us a story about how he went hiking with his pet dogs. One day he was attacked from behind by a large hairy creature and the dogs attacked the creature and run it off. He had scars on his back from the attack that resembled scratches made by a much larger hand.

Well, me and Sam was fishing in the pond. We was catching bass and bluegill. Fishing was mine and Sam's world. Well, he thought it would be funny to run to the trailer and lock me out. I was at the back door with my back facing the pond trying to get in. It was all fun and play.
Well, I heard a sound behind me. Hence the pond was only 20 yards from the back door and was only as big as a small swimming pool. When I heard a sound like someone walking I turned around and seen a creature.

It was covered in hair and stood between 7 and 8 foot tall. It was walking the path behind the pond between the pond and the woods. It stopped and looked at me. I immediately started screaming and crying beating on the door begging Sam to let me in.

I turned back around to see where it was it was gone but I could hear something heavy moving very fast through the woods away from me. Sam unlocked the door asking me what was wrong why I was so upset and scared and I told him what I had saw. He said he believed it cause he had seen and heard weird things around there ever since he can remember. Since then I have been a very big believer in Bigfoot.

- End Report -

I can understand the fear Charles experienced.
If anyone has a sighting or encounter to share, please use the Report a Sighting link at the top of the page.


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