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Saturday, October 18, 2014

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

Taboo Topics About Bigfoot
Be Careful What You Choose To Ignore
By Dorraine Fisher

    A cautionary tale:  Be careful what sightings reports you dismiss, and be careful what you choose NOT to believe.  You might miss something very important that will change the game forever.

    I.E. There was a time not so long ago when most people believed that Bigfoot was a mythical creature;  a product of active imaginations, or the ramblings of crazy people.  But now, with thousands of sightings reports from credible witnesses, footprints, blood and hair, that has changed.

    There was a time when Bigfoot footprints were all considered fakes. That is until Washington State University Professor, Dr. Grover Krantz, discovered dermal ridges in footprints and explained them to the world as a literal fingerprint of a Sasquatch's foot. This authenticated them to the world and helped create a giant leap in Bigfoot research.

    There was a time when people spoke of Bigfoot’s ability to “zap” people if it felt threatened by them, and these statements were ridiculed by the community and tossed aside for years.  But now, “zapping” has been witnessed or experienced by hundreds of individuals and is widely accepted by many believers as possible infrasound abilities.

    The idea of “cloaking” has been attacked mercilessly and debated endlessly for several years. And many witnesses chose not to come forward for fear of suffering the wrath of skeptics on this subject. But now, with so many witnesses finally coming forward, the community has been forced to examine the idea more closely. And they’ve possibly, at least, slowly come to the conclusion that Sasquatches could have some kind of advanced camouflaging ability that rivals anything else in the animal kingdom.
    Some crazy-weird abilities have been attributed to our hairy friends, and they sometimes seems to border on the ridiculous. And Bigfoot researchers have the monumental task of picking through sightings reports that are being deliberately faked. Or worse, the sightings reporter is trying to mock and ridicule the researcher taking the report.  It’s a tough reality for investigators trying to do a good job and trying to do something serious.
    But it might create other problems too. It might create a wall between researchers and possibly credible people who’ve really seen something strange and need a safe place to tell their story.  So it can be a double-edged sword.  So, all this being said, we have to be very careful about what we choose to ignore.

 I’ve been criticized a lot for mentioning these strange supposed abilities in my articles.  But if it were only an isolated few people talking about these things and making these intriguing claims, I would happily keep my mouth shut.  But there are hundreds of them. With many more researchers active in the field, I hear new and stranger stories every day.  I’ve been approached by lots of people whose stories are too strange or seemingly far-fetched for mainstream Bigfoot investigators to take seriously.  And I have to wonder if there are a lot of legitimate sightings that might yield some legitimate evidence but are being ignored because there’s a strange element to the stories.

    Ask yourself if you’d dismiss a Bigfoot sighting if, say, the person claimed to have watched the creature disappear right before his or her eyes.  Or if there’s maybe a UFO included in the story. Would you dismiss the report and call the person crazy…or would you simply add an investigation of the credibility of the person giving the report and make a decision from there about whether or not to move forward with it?  After all, you weren’t there. You didn’t see what they saw.

    Seeing is believing for most people. They have trouble believing in something they’ve never laid eyes on. But in my work, I don’t have this need. I’ve had strange experiences in the woods, but I have never seen a Sasquatch. Though I know hundreds of people who have seen them, and that holds water with me.  Thousands of people have seen them and thousands of people are not crazy and delusional. And most people who have the privilege of seeing the creature, are rural people, hikers, backpackers, and woodsmen that know very well the difference between a bear and…something that isn’t a bear. I’ve watched people struggle with ideas they never would have believed before. Ideas they’re being forced to examine because they just saw something they can’t explain.  Just because they can’t prove they saw it doesn’t diminish what they saw. And frankly, it doesn’t make what they saw any less real.  The event happened to them. They saw it.

 Bearing all this in mind, I do NOT need to see one to believe they’re real. Credible witnesses with similar stories across the globe are enough for me to conclude there must be something out there.
    I will always try to keep on the side of science and reason and I dismiss more claims than I accept.  So when these hundred or so credible people tell me they’ve witnessed something stranger than usual, I will ask myself if that is even possible.  And when I really study my science (physics as well as biology and zoology) and cover all the bases and look at the evidence at hand, I can conclude that anything is possible…in a particular context or by a certain definition.

    If cloaking is defined as an advanced camouflaging ability, it becomes very possible. If this is the case, then “cloaking” is just an incorrect term akin to invisibility which is harder to swallow…or explain.    If zapping is described as a type of infrasound, it suddenly becomes more plausible.  So giving everything a precise definition is key.

     A lot of researchers might believe that bringing these subjects into the conversation will diminish the credibility of Bigfoot as a whole.  They believe this only adds to their difficulties in proving the creature to be real to a skeptical public.  But that won’t happen if we really do our homework, pick the subject apart, and examine it the way it should be examined.  Ignoring possible evidence because we don’t like the way it sounds or because it seems crazy at first is a huge mistake. Because how can we learn more about them if we shut down our minds to what all these witnesses are claiming.  If we ignore them, we do a terrible disservice to the hours of research and all the time and effort spent trying to learn about them. If we want to REALLY learn about them, I mean really, we can’t leave a single stone unturned. Even if that stone is odd or sounds crazy.  If enough people are saying it, we have an obligation to look at it.

I’m not telling you, you should believe every crazy story out there and waste your time investigating claims of people who aren’t credible.  But Bigfoot research is about studying an unknown creature. This is uncharted territory.  And many researchers would agree that once you think you understand them, something else comes to light and you find you don’t know as much as you thought.  There’s still a big mystery there, and there may be for a long time to come. We need to be prepared for the twists and turns this story is going to take.

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  1. EXCELLENT POST! You hit many nails on their heads.

  2. Where is the caption photo from? It looks like the face of something I saw in 99, (reported on this website), except the bridge of the nose, the nostril width & the cheekbones are slightly different. It brought tears to my eyes. Creepy similar.....Wm.

    1. I actually don;t know where the photo comes from originally - sorry.

  3. I am not a nut. I am a very busy professional. I have had contact with BF on numerous occasions. One encounter resulted in them being very curious about me and they showed up several times mid-day cloaked. All that can be seen is a blurry outline. My dog and my cat confirmed I wasn't seeing things. BF didn't do anything but get close to examine me. I stood my ground.
    They ARE NOT animals as most describer them. They are more like us. They are much more attune to the world than we are.

    1. I think you are probably one of the Bravest souls I have ever heard of To stand your ground like that; How close did they get and what was the size? Did they communicate at all?
      I have recently decided that they might be some kind of Demon or spirit and your story of the seemingly cloaked encounter points in that direction. It would also coincide with so little evidence and No bodies or remains found?
      Thanks; Dave

  4. Well stated Dorraine - as soon as all these "experts" get it out of their brains that Bigfoot are some kind of primate, the sooner y'all will get some answers. Yes they can cloak, yes they can exude mind control, yes they can zap folks and yes they can also morph right into trees and rocks. They are not similar to any living creature that we know of. And last but not least, a dead specimen will never become available to scientists. Everyone except the modern white man knows they cannot be captured.

  5. I think you could sum everything up in this statement; The more you know, the more you'll realize you dont know.. I personally have found it to be true in so many areas of life...


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