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Friday, October 10, 2014

Siberian Bigfoot

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Siberian Bigfoot Photos - Debunked?
So, there seems to be a big deal being made about these Siberian Bigfoot photos from a few years back. The original story is from Channel 10 out of Russia. (Original story Click Here)

There were 9 total photos and the story behind them was really vague but it goes like this.

"Tourist in Seregese at the top of mountain Green accidentally saw the Yeti. Creature, covered in hair, took refuge among the trees."

MK Davis has done a good job on editing and enhancing the 9 photos but there seems to be some glaring omissions about the the photos. This is not a dig at MK, I think he does some good work and I consider him a friend.

For example - there is the red material on the back of the neck of the "creature"? It is seen in several of the original photos.

In fact the red is seen in 7 or the 9 photos. (You can get all 9 original photos from the link above.) What is this red colored thing? Most think it is some kind of under garment sticking up out of the suit. Also another glaring omission is the lack of any muscle definition on the back of the "creature".
There was some talk about the ice and snow sticking to the feet and legs of the "creature" and that is true it will but it will also stick to your pants legs or a Bigfoot suit. 

Notice in this close up there appears to be a fold/wrinkle in the suit running down the back. It is also visible in the above photo.

Again the red is visible at the nape of the neck.
Also it seems in the last 2 pictures of the set the Bigfoot stopped and looked at the person taking the photos. Kind of a stop and pose.  

Here is a little animated photo set for ya

So in review, there is something red at the back of the neck, there is no muscle definition, the back story is really vague and on top of that it looks like a suit. Plus this comes from Russia where they commonly push hoaxed videos and reports as being real. Remember the Russian claims to have captured a female bigfoot story? - It had videos and news reports ...it had the works ...but in the end it was a poorly done hoax with a bad suit. Remember how it showed the Bigfoot in a cage?

Just like here in America, Russia has hoaxers as well. These things need honest efforts in debunking them. I was called dishonest and an unbeliever for not buying into this series of 9 photos of Bigfoot. Which is far from the truth, I know Bigfoot is real, I have seen them and found evidence of them but these 9 photos from Russia appear to be nothing more than a hoax. 

People seen so eager to prove and/or believe in Bigfoot that, in some cases, they hoax and fake stuff or they put stock into every video or photo released. This type of behavior only hurts research efforts.

I'm not in this to make enemies or get into some big heated debate, I know Bigfoot is real and you could never convince me otherwise. I offer my thoughts and opinions that go along with what I have experienced and found.    

Thanks and have a great evening.


Here is an update, I have taken a known fake bigfoot photo and compared the wrinkle in the back to the wrinkle in the back of the Siberian photos.

Looks almost the same to me.

UPDATE 2 -  Ok, by now if you are like me ...your pretty sick of this Siberian Bigfoot thing. Well, now the wrinkle in the suit is now being called a ponytail. Really a ponytail? Yes. Seems like this is going to great lengths to sell this as a real Bigfoot.

Ok, so as we know there are 9 high quality photos associated with the Siberian Bigfoot. But there is also a video of it. It can be found here - HERE - I always liked it pretty good and Igor Burtsev confirmed this is the same video as the pictures but there is only one problem. The photos are good quality and the video is apparently shot with a cell phone. So where and when was the high quality photos taken? There is a clue in the video, there is a man sitting facing the camera (cell phone?) and he has a very nice look camera around his neck and is taking photos of the girl filming. Could this have been the same camera the high quality photos were taken with? I would guess it is.

I guess in the end you can believe what ya want. Bigfoot is real but for me this set of photos are nothing more than a person in a suit.


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  1. ol' wrinklefoot strikes again!

  2. Good work, Thomas. I agree with you on this one.

    1. Thanks Randy, If people will watch the animated gif you can see the bags in the suit ...well at least I can.

  3. This is a video of a real Yeti or Siberian Chuchunaa. There is no zipper in the back . It is clearly a ponytail / plait , tied with red cloth. Google Chuchunaa and learn more about this Siberian paleo aborigine.

  4. So this hoaxer also snapped the sappling in half ? I doubt it. Mk Davis analysis is more conclusive than some random Russian saying its a hoax.

  5. So this hoaxer also snapped the sappling in half ? I doubt it. Mk Davis analysis is more conclusive than some random Russian saying its a hoax.

  6. Actually Igor Burtsev spoke to one of the group and Igor said these photos and video are not a hoax.

    1. nope ...he actually went after that statement ...it was a hoax. Random Russian .... yeah Igor only been doing this for abouy 50 years.

  7. Watch "ThinkerThunker - Siberian Bigfoot Photos (Debunked ...?) UPDATE" on YouTube

    1. see ..there is your mistake ...watching a guy who is not a researcher, has never seen a bigfoot, and only in it for the clicks


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