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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Real or Hoax
Bigfoot Or Hoax?

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years of experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and a poet.

The Grand Caverns Bigfoot Photo

This photo of possible bigfoot in a cave in Virginia is making a pretty big splash, but is it real or just a hoax?

Here is a brief overview of the story behind the photo.

"This photo was taken in 1895 by an amateur spelunker/photographer named Oren Jeffries while exploring an unmapped section of Grand Caverns, in Southwestern Virginia...
At the time it was taken, Jeffries was conducting photographic experiments, using super long exposures.....then open the lens of his homemade box camera .......During one of these experiments, he heard something approach from the deeper recesses of the cave. Frightened, Jeffries abandoned his experiment and set off one of the Blitzlicht flashes he used for taking traditional photos underground." 

So, what can we find out about the photo from the analysis and the above info?
Well, first I ran some software on the photo to find out more information, and here is some of it.



It appears the original photo was not scanned into a computer but was photographed with a Nikon E5700. Then there is the evidence of Adobe Photoshop, which may or may not prove it was manipulated. 
So knowing this information, I did some enhancing of the photo, here are the results

In the above photo notice how the body of the creature does not extend below the rock in front of it. It appears to just be floating in the air. Red Flag.

Here is a zoom on the head of the creature.

Notice how part of the head on the left side of the photo (the right side of the creature) is missing?
Red Flag.

But wait that is not all, according to the story Jeffries "..heard something approach from the deeper recesses of the cave" and blasted a photo. Remember he was creating long exposures and the hearing movement took a picture.  Here is an example of long-exposure photos of people moving around.
Notice anything?
Notice how the people in the photo appear blurry due to movement but in the cave photo this is no blur at all and according to the story he heard movement, but yet no blur? Shouldn't there have been some blur if the creatures were moving? I'm not an expert on cameras or photography so my assumption could be wrong on the blurring.

In any case, I think there is enough information to conclude this is most likely a hoax photo.
We have the following evidence:

* Image processed or edited with Photoshop
* Creature appears to be floating and the body does not extend below the rock
* Creatures have missing parts on their head
* No blurring of figures while using a long exposure (?)

At least the story surrounding the photo is interesting and is something to think about.
My Analysis - Faked Photo
Of course, this is only my opinion, if you want to believe the photo is of real creatures that is fine with me.

[Video Version - Click Here]
[Original Photo source: Creepypasta.wikia.com ] 
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  1. I'm a 26-year professional photographer and have some thoughts. I can tell you that if the photographer was using a flash in a pitch-black cave, the length of the 'exposure' might have been very, very long, but that the length of time that there was actually light illuminating the cave and leaving an image on the film is extremely short. In the thousandths of a second long if you were to try to measure it. The absence of blur in this photograph means nothing as to the veracity of the image. The other points you bring up may be valid, but the motion blur, or lack of it, is a moot point.

    Michael Slade

  2. Darn it, foiled again.
    Back to the Taterhole

  3. yeah and "they would have gotten away with it if wasn't for those pesky kids" -- lol

  4. Very interesting that the software programs detected that the photo was taken with a Nikon and has evidence of Photoshop. The first factor would rule out this photo as being taken in 1895, and the latter factor would suggest that possibly a significant number of elements in the photo are fabricated.
    My conclusion: the Oren Jeffries photo is a hoax.


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