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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bigfoot spies
Bigfoot Spies

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Operation Bigfoot - Spies among the Ranks

I recently watched the documentary Mirage Men, in a nut shell it was an inside look at how the military and other agencies covered up some of the UFO reports. How they would use some disinformation to hide not only real UFO reports but also to conceal secret military projects.

This got me to thinking back to something I had thought about many times. In the film they used gullible people or ones who made outrageous claims to plant disinformation. In some instances they even exchanged secret information and had special relationships with certain people in the UFO community. So, I have been thinking for some time now, that this is going on in the bigfoot community and has been for a long time now.

The majority of people/researchers in the bigfoot community think that the government do know about Sasquatch and attempt to cover it up for various reasons. How easy would it be to have "agents", for lack of a better term, deeply embedded within the bigfoot community. Once they were accepted in the bigfoot community they would gather information and spread false information about Sasquatch. Could some of the most outlandish stories and hoaxes just be something to discredit the truth that Sasquatch is real? To blur the lines?

I know you have all read the crazy headlines like: "Bigfoot ate my pizza", "I had bigfoots baby", or the numerous "I shot a bigfoot" claims.  Could some of it just be well organized and planned events and stories?  Then when no body is produced and no evidence is provided it becomes one of them "I told you so " moments, leaving the impression that it's all a big hoax and there is no such thing as a bigfoot.

We all know that some people become totally delusional about Sasquatch, they see 17 bigfoot in a photo of nothing but trees. Some even blur the photos on purpose because it helps you "see the bigfoots". How hard would it be for someone to take one of these people, who is totally obsessed with bigfoot and push their wild unbelievable stories?  The field of bigfoot research is really looked at and laughed at because of the pushing of such unbelievable reports and stories. The general public thinks that bigfoot research is full of nothing but a bunch of nuts. Could this be the perception that some government agencies want? You know, to keep the field and subject of bigfoot comparable to fairy tales, mythology and folklore? That is what has happened to Ufology for many years now and was somewhat exposed in greater detail in the film Mirage Men. One man was actually drove insane by all of this and ended up in a insane asylum.

This could explain some of the crazy behavior, people and stories that come from the bigfoot community. Of course this is all speculation at this point but it could explain why debunked videos, photos and stories keep resurfacing like a floater that just won't go down. Why all evidence is never good enough, always questioned to the point that some researchers leave the bigfoot community and share almost nothing publicly.

Now, I'll use myself as an example, I know for a 100 percent fact bigfoot is real. I have encountered them, found evidence and taken witness reports from people I know would not make things up. I do share some things with the public but I'm not out to prove bigfoot to the world. I just know they are real and want to learn more about them. It's more of a personal knowledge type of thing for me but I do share for the people who have a genuine real interest in the subject. Some have criticized me for making documentary films and charging to view them. I'm not rich, it cost me a lot of money to do bigfoot research, I have no financial backer, so I have to off set it to continue.

That brings me to the next point, some "researchers" seem to be well funded and publicized. They never seems to produce much but always get a lot of attention. Could this funding and pushing of their tales be coming from some agency to help the disinformation keep coming? Could this be the same people that keep resurfacing every little bit? It just seems odd to me.

If you think about the UFO cover up and disinformation, if you think that something mysterious is worth studying then I guess it's worth covering up, at least to some people. Would it be any different for Sasquatch? A hidden, lost relic, highly intelligent human type species that has remained undiscovered or accepted by science for hundreds of years. What if, there is something more to Sasquatch and a deeper reason for keeping them undiscovered. How far would you go to keep them hid? How far would the government go? Does it extend to other governments?

So I guess the final question is ...

Do you think there is spies among the bigfoot community ?

My answer is a definite yes.

I know there is a lot more questions in this post than answers but to me it sure don't seem too far fetched to think that there is a lot of disinformation being spread about Sasquatch.

It don't bother me at all that bigfoot is not accepted by the mass public, those who really want to know the truth can find it. They can do research themselves or just continue to believe everything they see on the news.

Just like the old UFO cliché - The Truth Is Out There!



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  1. Tom...

    Thank you for helping illuminate the shadow world of intentional disinformation, obfuscation and misdirection, I agree wholeheartedly.

    I have worked over a decade, with an expanding group of dedicated, self funded, no kill researchers and habituators, practicing respectful observation, responsible habituation and repeat visitation techniques.

    In the coming weeks and months members of this group will be posting on various forums, blogs and Facebook, a rational and reasonable appeal for the eventual recognition, legal protection from hunting and harassment, and the right of ingress and egress for the North America Aboriginal Ancient Peoples...known as Sasquatch.

    To folks involved in Sasquatch activity...

    Please protect the Sasquatch People, do not openly discuss, locations, images, audio files, techniques, or associates on any public forum or BTR format. Sasquatchery is replete with miscreants, thugs, agents of deception/disinformation and most insidious...pro-kill lurkers who troll the public forums for location information.

    We know this from first hand experience, with all of the above...

    live and let live...

    Steve Summar

    1. Thanks Steve. I don't know if you seen my article about people killing bigfoot but you are correct there are people who troll for info just to hunt and kill them.
      Here is a link to the post

  2. I have come to believe this is absolutely true. I think it may be the case with the Dyer fiasco and Standing. Back in 2008, they called a press conference and all the big media outlets showed up. Okay, so do you really think that some nobody could call up news people and tell them a story like that and they would show up, particularly on that grand a scale? I doubt you could get your local news people, much less CNN, Fox and all the rest of the corporate owned media. Perhaps Biscardi is also in on this. I'm even suspicious of the whole Oxford DNA thing. Isn't it funny how quickly they jumped on it when the idea of independent DNA labs or techs started working on this? Maybe they thought they would get too close. The whole British series dealing with that was a classic "debunking" formula. They act like they are genuinely interested and really considering it. Then they tear apart all the evidence and explain it all away, so people will believe their questions are answered. "Nothing to see here...." I'm not really sure why exactly they would cover up this information. I've heard the usual theories, but it still doesn't make sense, yet I think they are definitely doing it. Corporate owned media put shows on like "Mountain Monsters" so the masses will think people who believe this creature exists are idiots. Then think about what happened with Monster Quest. That was a hit show with plenty of ratings and they just up and cancelled it mid-season. Reason given: the channel wants to take a different direction (which seemed to be aliens). That show had real scientists and took the subject seriously. It didn't have all the snarky skeptics running the tone of it. And now we get shows that are sometimes just silly. We know that the government and the major corporate media are intertwined, so they do each other favors. Or should I say buy and sell each other favors? I think facebook/findbigfoot may have been one of these operations as well. They would authenticate a leaf blowing in the wind as a bigfoot. There were always persistent trolls on there (as there are on youtube and other forums) that would argue how silly the concept was. They would ban people, but they would not ban these guys. I used to marvel at how these certain people seemed to do nothing else but argue and berate people literally for hours about Bigfoot. When I discovered that there is such a thing as paid trolls for disinfo. and disruption, it made sense. It was their job. I also heard that they are moved about every 6 months. On FBFB that's about how long they would last, and then the next person was brought in. It works like that on any subject they are trying to cover up. The whole demonization of the words "conspiracy theory" is actually a conspiracy too really, lol. They marginalize and ridicule to keep people from pursuing questions or dissent, lest they be called the dreaded 'conspiracy nut'. They will never let BF be discovered officially. You can't go to the news, since they are tied to the government. Same is true for most universities. They will financially threaten and intimidate them to do what they say. If you put it out on the internet they will just call it an internet hoax. If you get a nice scientist from some university to authenticate something, he will recant after he's threatened with job loss or they will destroy his character. I think most of us are just going to have to be satisfied with what we can find out on our own and stop trying to get this being documented and classified officially. For whatever reason, they don't want the public at large to know the truth. I wish I knew why definitively, but unless we get some whistleblowers I guess we'll never know. And even then you have to keep your guard up that they are not agents. It's very strange.

  3. ^ batsh*t crazy!


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