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Friday, February 7, 2014

Bigfoot and Firefighter
Firefighter and Bigfoot

This post by TCC Team Member Bill Hamilton. Bill is a full time wild land firefighter. As part of his job duties he gets to travel to remote locations. Bill is a trained observer thanks to his fire aviation background.

Wildland Firefighter Vs. Possible Bigfoot

A number of years ago I was on a fire in Oregon, it was very remote, six miles from the trail head into the incident. I was on a fire medical team out of Oregon at the time and took the night shift as the medic with 60 fire fighters to look after. I am the last one in and last out. A burn out operation was to be conducted that night and the division supervisor said "hey, Bill I'm gonna leave you on this ridge to watch us, so no fire gets underneath us. And if we have a injury you can hustle it over to us". OK, I said, sounds like a plan.

Now the evening prior to this while walking out, the day shift supervisor walked into a stand off with  a cougar after a few tense moments they simply walked off . So with this in the back of my mine I wedged myself into a rock outcropping and built a small fire in front of me. As the night wore on I heard walking but paid it no mind, as I was busy with radio traffic. As every thing settled down in the wee hours I started to hear music like wind chimes, and I mean loud.

The hair on the back of my neck was standing straight up. Now, I am not afraid to be in the woods alone ever but this was different. The sounds seemed to be both external and internal. Then a crashing so loud it seemed to shake the ground. This went on for twenty minutes as though something wanted me to break from my cover, it's not gonna happen.
I waited it out it stopped. Never was I so glad to see daybreak. When I returned to fire camp I found a trusted native friend and told him the story.

Thinking I was crazy he told a elder and they later spoke to me and said the wind chimes was the music of our ancestors and that the visitor was one of the big people. Now I am of Cherokee descent but to look at me you would never know.
The Native American I told my story to took me to a pipe ceremony because of my experience and later I went through my naming ceremony and became William Flysalone.

I have had many interesting experiences since and have heard many stories. I hope to share more.


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  1. Legit experience. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It makes you wonder just how many times something like this has happened & not been reported for fear of ridicule. I'd say quite a bit more than you can imagine.

  3. I hope you do share more Bill


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