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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Possible Bigfoot Track
Possible Bigfoot Track From Sighting

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Here is a report of a bigfoot sighting that was send to me a couple days ago. The Photos were taken by Kyle and the height comparison was also made by him.

-Start Report-
Name: Kyle S******
Email Address: withheld
State: West Virginia
County: Ohio
Map Of Area:

Date of Sighting: July 11th 2009
Time of Day: 10 pm
Nearest Town: Wheeling
Length of Sighting: 2 minutes
How many Witnesses: None other then myself
Any Photos/Videos: Other then placement and possible foot print.  None.
Describe sighting in detail:
It was one of those nights when the moons so bright it lights up everything. I lived near Spiedel Golf Course in a heavily wooded area just outside of Wheeling, West Virginia. In an area densely populated with trees and other plant life the terrain is quite hilly rolling hills as far as the eye can see. The area I believe is owned by Oglebay park. It was 10 pm or just a little after my ex wife and I were on our way out to return some movies and get some new ones before the video store closed. I walked outside leaving the door to the house open, the porch light was on. I crossed the porch and walked down three steps on to a walk way that lead down to where our car was parked. I made three steps before I stopped. It was eerily quiet outside. As in no sounds not even crickets or owls. Just a strange stillness. I took a couple more steps and stopped again. I just felt like I was being watched and naturally I began to look around. I must of looked over "It", once just panning my head from left to right. It's eyes are what caught my field of view.

On the hillside adjacent from the house was what I could only describe as a very tall, very built man like creature except for it definitely wasn't a man. It was covered from head to toe in hair thick black mottled hair. I could make out its eyes in the light, they shined back at me a orange color, they were further apart then human eyes. It's upper lip was long it showed no teeth. It didn't seem threatened just curious and though I didn't feel threatened I couldn't move, I was petrified in fear. It's forehead was wide and the hair seemed to stop at its face, I could see fur on the top of its hands but none on the under side. It's chest was very muscular and covered in light fur sparse fur I would say and I could make out its muscles. They were defined it seemed like it was very strong. It's arms hung just before it's knees and it just continued to stare at me moving from left to right slowly. From where it stood it, it stood right next to a tree from my field of view I couldn't tell if it was in front of the tree or beside it. But the tree alone helped me get a good measurement on it. The creature was about 7 an a half feet tall. Not moving and watching it I began to panic until I heard my wife's voice from inside. I then looked away from it and back towards the door. Immediately after she stopped speaking I looked back to the hillside watching the creature walk away, with it's back towards me I could see the muscles in it's back and thighs contracting and releasing as it walked. My wife then walked outside and I attempted to point it out to her but she couldn't see it and basically told me I was crazy and that I was just trying to scare her. She could see how scared I was but assumed I was acting.

The morning after I walked around the tree measuring it and such seeing if it was really as tall as it seemed, I found a foot print near the tree an though I didn't have the items needed to craft it, I was able to take a picture with size comparison of my own foot and the indentations it's foot left in the ground. It stepped heavy, the ground was quite soft. This was my first encounter that summer but not my last. I believed in Bigfoot but I never thought I would see one in West Virginia of all places.
-End Report-

Here is the other photos from Kyle

Thanks to Kyle for sharing his sighting and sending in the photo.


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  1. Holy crap.. That's my foot. Sup yall Kyle Stevens here. Googled Bigfoot Wv and I find myself.. I now feel like an established researcher.

  2. Feel free to send us anything you find.

  3. I call ur story bs I've walked this golf course many many times while at my nieces soccer games and I know exactly where this picture is taken and there are no houses anywhere near where this guy is claiming this story took place. And anyone who don't believe me I'll take you there myself and prove it sorry bud but ur full of it


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