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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bigfoot Seen in OR
Boomer Hill Area in OR

This investigation/research/report by TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long
Both are avid outdoors people and good researchers.

-Report Start-

Boomer hill area.
Elevation 1728'
Gps 43.01081N x 123.41823W approximate.
Near Riddle and Myrtle Creek Oregon.
October 2008.

 While deer hunting in the Boomer hill area Justin Camden, Cody Camden, and myself (Bobby Long) were traveling along a BLM road with a left hand high bank and a brush covered down hill side.
I was driving, Cody was in the passenger rear and Justin was out riding on the hood. My job was to drive and watch up the left side. Cody was watching the down hill side and Justin was watching the front and scanning ahead. He had me stop when a large cold black Bigfoot had ran across the road about 40 yards or less, it grabbed the top of the bank which was about 12 feet high and hoisted/leaped up into the trees. I only caught a glimpse of black from my position inside the truck. Cody also said he only seen a glimpse of black. Justin however seen the entire right to left crossing on two feet, he seen it reach up to the top of the bank and hoist/leap into the brush and trees.
He also explained he heard footfalls as he was running towards where it went up. We all heard brush breaking for about a minute after. Justin wanted to pursue it with his rifle but after explaining exactly what he seen I ask him to leave it be. We were all scared as hell but his adrenaline was pumping!

Description - Approximately 9 feet tall, Cold black hair glossy or maybe wet, Very muscular in build. Exclaims, "100% not a bear!!"
I only seen a flash and a hand mark in the top of the bank and heard the brush crashing. Justin came to me today and is positive it was Bigfoot. I am sure with his wildlife knowledge he isn't mistaking another animal in this report.

It is my opinion that the Bigfoot was getting away from other hunters and probably misjudged it's crossing point which allowed the sighting to occur.
I have found footprints in this area in the mud near a pond. We intend on a full investigation of this area very soon.
Witnesses - Justin Camden, Cody Camden, Bobby Long

Thanks Bobby
-End Report-

(BLM = Bureau Of Land Management)

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  1. This brings up a good question about Bigfoot. How do you find something that doesn't want to be found>

  2. It's easy to find something that does not want to be found. You look for it.


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