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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bigfoot tracks in Kentucky
This report comes from a long time friend and former school mate of mine, June Neal. The above picture and the following report comes from the Beans Fork area in Bell county, Kentucky.

June and her husband Scott went to get corn out of their garden and when they got there six rows of corn was uprooted and the corn all ate. June told me "It was in about 7 or 8 piles after it was ate of cleaned cobs. Our squash and pumpkins got gone too. Our garden looked like a tornado had been through it."  This all happened in one night and the eaten corn cobs were left in neat little piles.

According to June there were several more tracks but the one pictured above was the best. The size of the track was larger and wider than her son's shoe and he wears a size 13.  June told me it was about 3 inches longer than her son's shoe and it had 5 toes, so that would make this track around 16 inches.

She also told me that they had heard strange loud yells off in the distance several times as well. Others from the area have also confirmed hearing these yells

This event took place in August of 2011.

Of course people always point to things like this as being a bear but in my opinion there is just no way it can be. I mean a bear eating corn and stacking up the cobs in neat piles? I don't think so. The story is also backed up by multiple witnesses to the strange yelling sounds. Plus me knowing June for most of my life I know she would not make something like this up.

Here is a general map of the area

Beans Fork home to bigfoot
Beans Fork Area
A special thanks to June and Scott for allowing us to share the photo and story. I should also mention the couple no longer live in the area or state.

If anyone from the Beans Fork area has had a similar experience please contact me.

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1 comment:

  1. Hmm interesting. Noticed over the years there has been more reports of Bigfoot roaming closer to human settlements. Wonder if this is a growing trend?


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