Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Christopher Noel on Church of Mabus

Christopher Noel is interviewed by Hosts Jeffery Pritchett and Andy Colvin.
Sasquatch Rising 2013: Dead Giants Tell No Tales: How DNA Breakthroughs and Backyard Visits Reveal the Greatest Story of Our Time.

Christopher Noël holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Yale and taught writing and literature for twenty years at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. He is the author of four other books of nonfiction and fiction.

I wanted to post this in case anyone missed it.

[source:Church of Mabus Radio]

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1 comment:

  1. i'm Leary when someone else comes along after one scientist puts themselves out there and does dna work and the other scientist wants credit and glory of the story or finding . I'm not saying that mr, sykes will do this, but scientist always seem to dispute one another finding quite often just to get there names to the forefront of the topic, they often think there point of view or findings are right and others are wrong . this concerns me on melba's findings because of the backlash that she has received , it's almost inviting a controversy, and makes it easy to steal her findings just because she was met with such skepticism .


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