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Friday, February 22, 2013

Actual spot of sighting 
First let me start by saying this is a true story of a personal encounter, I have dubbed it "HWY 119 Ghost". This took pace somewhere around the mid 90's and it was a amazing but weird encounter.
This took place about 1 mile, maybe a little more, coming from Pineville, KY traveling towards Harlan, KY  on hwy.119 which is known as the Harlan road. The time was somewhere between 10pm and 12pm. I and my wife ran a business for several years in Pineville, working side by side, and we normally got home pretty late. We have seen many amazing things together due to our late night travels. Also let me say this is the first time this personal encounter has ever been told on a public type forum or shared to the general public.

It happened on our way home from work late one night as we were driving on the 119 road in a Camaro. I noticed something kind of glowing and sparking looking in a tree on the left side of the road (See photo above). We were moving pretty fast, I'd guess between 55-65 MPH, but I could see this white thing in a tree, it was kind of ball shaped, and as we approached it, it quickly moved to the right (my right) but it was up in the air, I'd guess about 10-15 feet high. The Camaro I was driving had T-Tops in it and we looked up at the ghost as it was almost right over the top of the car. The ghost thing just fanned out kind of like a sheet but it was not square, right over top the car and disappeared. It had a really white type glow with like little sparkly things in it. I said to my wife "Did you see that?" She replied "yeah what was that?"  and I said something like "I don't know...maybe a ghost?"

Here is my attempt at what we seen looking up through the T-tops
      Actually spot

Remember this was taking place pretty late at night and this object had a very bright glow against the night sky.
But wait that is not the end of the story. We drove on home and we talked about what we had seen for a couple hours before going to bed.
So the next day, I and my wife are at work and a friend of mine comes in named Forest. I quickly start telling him "We seen a ghost on 119 last night." He replied "a ghost?"

So I gave him a quick rundown of what happen and he just laughs at us and pokes a little fun about the event. Then our conversation turns to a Tattoo artist that lived behind my house named Shane. It seems Forest wanted to get an old tattoo covered up. So I told him a little about Shane and where he lived and Forest left.

Well, not longer after that a woman came in that we know well and we always called her "coon hunter" because her and her husband like to coon hunt. So me and my wife tell her about seeing a ghost on 119 and she ask "was it around the old Mary Lee's restaurant?"  I said "yes, just past it...why?"
Coon hunter said "it was probably that little girl." I said "what little girl?" So Coon hunter tells me about a little girl who was killed right there that was either getting off a school bus or waiting to get on a school bus and was hit by a car. There is a blind curve right there but I had not heard about this little girl getting hit but it had taken place years before I drove that road a lot. So Coon hunter goes on and tell me that others had seen it over the years.

So this was info that helped me and wife put the pieces together on what we had seen.
Still this is not the end of the story, just stay with me.

You know my friend Forest I was telling you about, well about a week goes by and Forest comes back in the store and he has a funny look on his face. I greet him and ask something to the effect of how's it going or something and he said  "We seen it." I was like "you seen what?", by this time the excitement of seeing the ghost had sunk in for me and my wife. He said "the ghost." See he had been going up where I live to  see Shane the tattoo guy and getting the cover up done.

So Forest tells me that he and his wife were on the way back home and seen the ghost.
I ask "where did you see it at?" and Forest replies "Next to Mary Lee's old store, it was next to the guard rail." I ask him "what did it look like?" He replied " it was standing next to the guard rail and it kind of looked like a person but had like flowing orange ribbons flowing through it."  Forest continued "it scared us, we didn't know if it was a sign that something was going to happen to us or that something was wrong at home with the kids, So at first I slowed down thinking something bad was going to happen to us and then I thought about the kids and I sped up".  So I said "I guess you don't think I'm crazy now do you?" and he replied "no, it was scary."  I said "see I told you."

Here is the location of when Forrest and his wife seen the ghost
  Actual Spot

Almost every time I travel through that spot I look for this ghost, it's been years now and I've never seen it again but as long as I live and travel that stretch of  road I will be looking to for it. I have tried to  tell this encounter to the best I can remember, all the quotes may not be exactly as they were said but they are close to it.
If anyone in my area reads this account and have seen this ghost in this spot feel free to contact me via email at thecryptocrew@kih.net

Over the years I have had many wonderfully weird experiences and I hope to have more. There are many things I hope to share with my readers and followers in the months to come. This event is 100 percent true and nothing could ever change my mind about it. Thanks goes to google maps for the road view pictures and I tried to re-create the events just as they happened.


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