Monday, January 14, 2013

The 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty - Rejection

Spike TV's upcoming show about bigfoot offers a prize of 10 million to the team that proves the creature is real. Well as things are coming together for the show and teams are being selected it become a reality that not all people/teams will make the cut. When people get rejected they sometimes react to it via youtube video.

Like in this video 
Read more about the upcoming show at
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  1. Will somebody please call this guy a "wambulance" Cry me a river, shit. Get a life, a job, a purpose, something that doesn't require someone to hand you a Kleenex tissue or to change your adult diaper.

    1. my guess is this guy is pretty happy right now after watch the first show of Bigfoot bounty. but yeah ...the guy is all red eyed in the video ...that is why he wore the glasses. lol

    2. I thought he wore the glasses to try to hide his identity or to hide the fact that he has been smoking marijuana. That's why he's crying like a child.


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