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Friday, January 4, 2013

Scottish Yeti Attack?
A Ten-Hour Ordeal In The Highlands

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Experts have insisted that there are no bigfoot-type creatures living in the United Kingdom, but one man’s frightening ordeal in the Scottish Highlands challenges that theory.

No sources state when this happened, but it was first reported in a newspaper known only as The Daily Star back in 2004.

Tom Robertson, who was 68 at the time, and better-known as a ghost-hunter in his community, was hunting for a possible "ghost" known as the Grey Man of Ben MacDhui. Ben MacDhui in Gaelic means "mountain of the black pig," and it’s the second highest peak in the Highlands.

Robertson and a friend were camped on the 4,296 ft. summit, when he claimed a yeti-type creature, nearly 12 feet in height, attacked their tent while they were sleeping.

Robertson said, "At about 1 AM, after we climbed into our sleeping bags. We heard the footsteps of something coming to the tent, and heard mumbling noises outside."

Only a short while later, their tent collapsed onto them.

"I looked up through the air vent in the roof and saw a large arm crashing down," Robertson said.
"The figure of what seemed like a yeti was standing over the tent, then all hell broke loose and it was trying to get on at us. I remember something landed on my foot. My toes are black... kind of bruised."
Robertson also claimed to have found 24 inch footprints in gravel at the site, but there are no photos to corroborate.

"I don’t know what it is, but it wasn’t human," Robertson surmised. "I reckon it could be the Grey Man or something from outer space."

After the attack was over, the two men were drenched from the heavy rain that fell that night and poured into their collapsed tent. They claimed that at about 4 AM, they started down the mountain. But after nearly two miles of walking, Robertson became ill and weak from exhaustion. His friend, Derek Blake, was forced to leave Robertson at the spot wrapped in a sleeping bag. But Blake pressed on and was eventually able to signal for help. The two men were picked up by a mountain rescue team at around 11 AM that morning.

They were said to have been pretty shaken by the encounter. And it was surely a night they wouldn’t soon forget. "I have never been so scared in all the 60 years I have been interested in such things," Robertson said. *********DF

[Source:Man Beast UK]

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  1. only read as far as "Daily Star" UK daily version of the national enquirer.
    Nothing in scotland but drunks and drug addicts, sightings of anything else is clearly affected by that.

  2. Nothing wrong with Scotland


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