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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Interview with L. Troutman
By TCC Team Member Thomas Marcum

This a possible bigfoot hiding in some bushes, notice the eye shine
[This is a pretty long interview and only a small sampling of the photos and video. We hope to have more from LT in the near future.] 

TM: Identify yourself.

TM: Indicate that we have permission to use the story
LT: You have permission to use my interview.

TM: What is the your position, credentials, background etc.
LT: Amateur researcher who has lived in this area my whole life,indeed both sides of ancestors have lived hear since the turn of the 19th century(1800).

TM: When was the encounter?
LT: The encounter of interaction took place on 9-6-12.

TM: Where was the encounter?
LT:  Anthracite Coal Region of PA.

TM: Describe the terrain there. What kind of area ?
LT:  It was on a large hill or small mountain heavily forested with a stream near by, probably about 200 feet from the top of the mountain. Nearest house was about 5 miles away.

TM: Tell the story of how this all started?
LT: This all started after watching many videos on youtube. I saw how video were broken down and proved or disproved based on scientific facts. I learned about what signs next time we went out to forested areas. Indeed I found sturdy arches which could not be natural and saw some snapped trees. It was in these areas I took photos and was astounded later by what I caught.

Arch ways are sometimes thought to be made by Bigfoot
TM: Describe the events leading up to the encounter.
LT:  Drove to the area, have been there before, and came back with some amazing photos. When I zoomed in on the photos. I also did some filming and took photos while driving.  I reached the area and walked about 30 yards south, I had a bag of acorn squash,cayenne peppers and tomatoes,which I got from my brothers garden. (I had given him some heirloom seeds which he used and wanted me to try some of that produce.) I turned right into bare area of the forest and threw the vegetables into the forest on my right (area where I had photographed them before.) I video taped a little,walked back out and went about 20 yards north. Then to the right towards the stream about 40 yards away. At the start was a building, which comes into play later, i walked to the stream filming, turned around and went about 20 yards, stopped and started the rock knock, which everyone can experience on the youtube video,"3 ROCK KNOCKS ANSWERED BY LAUREL MOUNTAIN SASQUATCH CLAN.
Here is the 3 Rock Knocks video

I picked up one rock and knocked against a rock already embedded on the ground three times. A couple seconds later there was a loud clank sounded as though it hit metal or hard plastic or both. I stopped the video, then started recording again and did a single rock knock. There was a couple second pause, then I heard a stone hit the gravel parking area. I walked a bit shut off camera and started walking out west towards my car.
Keep in mind there is this building on my right blocking most of my northern and NW view so I  do not know what I may see. The rocks it seems to me were thrown somewhere from the blocked area. I walk out and see no one. I walk north and start video taping to my right (turns out I caught a squatch moving up to a tree and show his face between two trees and possibly more in the background).
I walk around my car looking for a dent and see nothing. I surmise he must have hit the top of the building. I decide to cross the parking area to the west where it is heavily forested and I am pretty sure they have nests up in the trees and got some great photos before. So I videotape and take photos for a few minutes. I then walk back to my car (east) and decide to try a whoop. I thought I was recording and it turns out I must have hit the record button one too many times. I whoop rather loud and about 4 or 5 seconds later about 15 yards to the SE on the other side of the building I hear something going through leaves then I hear a thump and the rock tumbles at least two times. This rock had to be bigger than my fist maybe even two fists size. It is even possible he used the rock I knocked with which was way bigger than my fist. At this point my jaw is hanging open and I realize I got some great audio. I look at my camera and realize it was off. Of course I was quite dismayed but also concerned. I start wondering if a whoop is actually a mating call and it ticked off a large male.
I was at the front of my car, looking south and east where the view is not blocked by this building, kind of wondering what to do next and if I am no longer welcome. All of a sudden from the east where my arm is facing I feel this gentle kind of wave effect which totally raises the hair on my forearm and hand. It is about 90 degrees out and this is no chill feeling if anything it is a warm sensation. I knew immediately it was the infra sound that these creatures induce that I read and heard about. Now I also heard that they use it to immobilize their prey.
So now my mind starts racing and I get that gut feeling like I am being closed in on. I decide to leave well enough alone and think about being miles from civilization and the sun is going down. I decide to get in the car and get out my wife's S&W bodyguard .38 caliber with only 5 rounds. But before that I start record and set the camera on top of the roof of the car angled kind of SE, the direction I did the first rock knocks. I get the gun out and load it and put it on the middle hump on the floor. I then start the car all the while hoping that it please turn over ( I have a old car). I let it warm up and get out and grab the camera. That was when I noticed something slightly darker than the surrounding area directly to the east next to a tree.
That tree seemed much wider than I remembered it. Because of the large amount of foliage around and above it was rather dark in there. It turns out while filming from the roof I caught a slew of them watching and more as I drove out of the area. I usually unload the gun(s) as soon as I get in my car to leave, but not on this night. It stayed next to me for about the next three miles, then I stopped and unloaded it. Along the way I did some more slowing down and filming which was kind off difficult as there was adrenaline pumping through me at this point realizing I just experienced something incredible.

Possible Bigfoot sitting against a tree.
TM: Describe the creature you saw. What color? Etc.
LT:  All I could really notice was what seemed to be a blob squatch that was a shade darker than the surrounding area later on, next to a tree which previously did not seem that wide.

TM:  How did the creature move? What was it doing?
LT:  I noticed not movement. I got the feeling it and others were observing me intently. Indeed one or more did interact.

TM: Did the creature make any sounds or verbalization?
LT:  I heard no sounds at all from the creature which was very odd.

TM: How did you feel when you saw the creature?
LT: That was the event on top of all the other which caused me to leave.

TM: What thoughts were going thru your mind?
LT: The interview FB/FB did with the gentleman who felt as though he was led into an ambush by these squatch on all fours.Plus it was getting dark and no civilization around and I thought I had some compelling footage/experience documented. I thought better not to push the issue as the large rock thrown was a warning I felt.

TM: How long was the encounter?
LT: From the time of the rock knocks being answered till I left was at least 10 minutes.

TM: Was anyone with you? How many people saw the creature?
LT: I was alone the whole time, however a car did go by once while I was near my car about the same time I filmed the squatch between the two trees.

TM: Were you able to take any pictures or video?
LT: Video and photos, Yes.

TM: Did you look or see any tracks?
LT: I noticed no tracks but was not very concerned about tracks.

TM: Did you notice anything else?
LT: I Noticed no animals in the whole large area.

TM: Describe the events when you left the area.
LT: I left the area with the gun still loaded and laying by my legs on the middle hump and continued filming as i could sense them all around me.

TM: What did you do in the days and weeks after the encounter? Did you tell anyone/alert authorities?
LT:  For day afterward I poured over my video and photos numerous times. I told my wife and son but no one else. I wanted to make sure I had some footage good enough to back up my encounter. Finally I decided this should be on public record and that it could be useful to others.

TM: Since the encounter, have you had any additional thoughts, developed any philosophies?
LT:  Yes, I have been trying to figure out whether these creatures are physical or supernatural. Or are they some physical creatures and some paranormal spirits hang around them. i have footage which makes a argument for both theories. Indeed I continued researching to try and get evidence to prove either theory.I wanted to believe in the worst way that these were made  by our creator God,and sought out evidence for that. however, what I obtained told me otherwise for the most part. When my footage is enhanced such things as shapshifting,strange colors and lights, disappearing,appearing in a split second,ect. and i see nothing until I go over the footage later. My latest video I put on youtube 12/2/12 has an EVP at :02, which I cannot make out but sounds female. Then a squatch figure comes into frame at superhuman speed.I equate the EVPs with supernatural. I want to point out I have nothing to do with Occult Practices. i never used Ouija, Tarot cards, Palm readers, No ghost hunting,seances,ect. I do like watching ghost hunting shows basically to learn about demons tactics and tricks, ect. I am a God fearing man and may have to stop this research based upon the results I have gotten. i have also wondered about any possible connection to the giant cone head skulls found in Chile,Russia and some whole skeletons all over earth, would the DNA match?
It is reported that a giant skeleton was found in the 20'f or 30's by coal miners in Shenandoah,Pa. With all the activity that tool place on this mountain I have to wonder if it is some type of portal. Supposedly there are burial mounds in the Ohio Vally, where giants skeleton were found and of course the museums swoop in and take these so as not to disprove their evolution theory. anyhow, I could go on and on about theories.

TM: What do you call them?
LT:  I call them sasquatch but maybe forest people would be more appropriate.

TM: Were you a believer before all this happened?
LT:  yes.

TM: Do you think “habituator” is an accurate description of your brand of researching?
LT: Spontaneous Researcher Applies.

TM: Describe a typical research day. How do you interact with them?
LT:  I just grab a camera and go out to uncivilized areas, usually taking a combination of photos and video. I use to whistle to draw them in, Indeed that is what I did on the day of interaction. But no longer do that, I have found they will find us. whatever they are they are extremely curious and want to observe us. at least that seems to be the case with the clans I dealt with. I try to be quiet as not to contaminate my videos. Most of the time my family is with me.when I am alone is when they seem to make themselves known more.

TM: Are you ever afraid of them?
LT:  I was not really too afraid when I thought they were physical, now that at least some of them seem to be supernatural ,that frightens me.

TM: How many have you seen at one time?
LT:  As far as I could tell one but there may have been more than one huddled together but i could not differentiate. When going over the footage I usually notice many of them.

TM: Are they different colors?
LT: On my footage I have seen probably all the colors ever mentioned by witnesses of them.

TM: Have you ever seen them climb trees?
LT: Not with my naked eye,however on my footage Yes indeed they are moving through trees,moving up and down.Strangely enough I have footage of these being near very tops of trees on limbs that could not possibly hold their weight.

This is a possible Bigfoot in a tree

TM: How close a relationship do you think you have with them?
LT: When I first started I liked to think we had one, but now I feel quite the opposite.

TM: Why do you suppose they allow you to get so close?
LT: Whatever they are they want to observe and learn things about us. They know I am not dangerous to them. at times I carry a handgun (have concealed carry permit) but I would never shoot one unless I was charged.

TM: Do they talk or demonstrate a kind of language?
LT: The only language I heard was the EVP on 12/2/12. At another location I suspected they were whistling back and forth between two embankments which were heavily forested.

TM: Have you witnessed them mating?
LT: On footage, I cannot say they are mating however they are in very strange positions. Most astounding is how they are atop one another posing as trees. I have a theory that native Americans somehow noticed this and the results of that was their making of totem poles. I know much of this sound very far out,but when my footage gets enhanced many people will see what I am talking about.

TM: Is there anything you’d like to add?
LT: I do believe some people have footage and experiences with real physical Sasquatch. As to what I have been seeing/interacting with I'm sill not totally sure. Perhaps some are physical and some are paranormal.

Thanks to LT for the videos,pictures and Interview!

©The Crypto crew

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