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Friday, December 14, 2012

is this the track of the Mystery Predator?

An unknown predator has attacked livestock in Shelby county Kentucky in a little town called Waddy.
Kevin Cox's donkeys were attacked and Cox said "I noticed it was covered in blood. Then the other two come up, and I noticed that their ears were shredded"

"This one was the worst one," Cox pointed out, "(it) tore his ears up pretty good. I'm lucky that's all it did."

Days later, Cox says the animal came back for more. His daughter's goat was mauled.
"It tore its ear off completely," Cox explained.

But not the mystery may be solved or is it?

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife experts say it's likely not a wolf, big cat, or some sort of "mythical" creature.
"That's indicative to a canine dog, a coyote is more of an oblong round," said Sgt. Doug Detherege, examining one of the tracks left by the animal. "If it was a big cat, it wouldn't show any toenail marks at all."
And they think the dog is domestic, and likely has been contained by its owner, since the last attack was over a week ago.
"A wild animal is out to either feed, or defend itself," said Detherege.
County officials are holding a meeting Monday night to address this issue with residents. It will be held at the Waddy Ruritan Building at 6:30 p.m.

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