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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Terror In Tennessee!
The Flintville, Tennessee Monster
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Monsters in Tenn.
             Tennessee is known for a lot of things: Elvis, country music, and beautiful green rolling hills. There usually isn’t much talk about monsters there. But there was a lot of it in 1997 when a supposed bigfoot began attacking cars, trying to kidnap small children, and snatching livestock in the little town of Flintville.

            Most reports of bigfoot sightings don’t tell tales of a creature truly believed to be dangerous to humans, but residents of Flintville were terrorized by the monster and in fear for their lives for more than twenty years.

            It all started back in 1976 when a woman claimed a “giant hairy monster” broke her car’s antenna, jumped on top of her car and began jumping up and down.  And when her story began to permeate the town, other residents came forward with similarly horrifying accounts.

            Locals described a black, hairy man/ape-like creature around seven feet tall, with long hairy arms,  and a really horrible stench like skunk, that left 16- inch footprints.

            A farmer named Ned Sinclair told authorities, “That thing's so big it could easily hurt somebody. Who knows how many head of our livestock have gone missing because of it?''

            One woman told a harrowing tale of crouching in the floorboard as the creature attacked her car. And a man claimed the creature chased him through the woods screaming and howling like an ape.

            In the 1980’s, a woman claimed the creature chased her around the inside of her house and pounded on her door. A local plumber said his truck windshield had been smashed by the creature.  And in 1989, a church pastor claimed his car antenna and windshield had been destroyed. While during the same week, some teenagers reported seeing a “large manlike ape” running across a field.

            But the most harrowing story of all was told by a woman named Jenny Robertson. On April 26, 1976 she heard her four-year old son, Gary, screaming out in the yard where he had been playing. And when she ran outside to check on him , she could smell a terrible stench in the air she said reminded her of “dead rats.” And then she saw a huge hairy apelike figure running across her yard toward her house.

            She related the story to investigators at the time, “It was 7 or 8 feet tall, and seemed to be all covered with hair. It reached out its long, hairy arms toward Gary and came within a few inches of him.''

            But luckily, with a huge rush of adrenaline, Mrs. Robertson was able to scoop up the child and get him inside the house and lock the doors just in the nick of time.

            Not long afterward, large groups of heavily armed police officers and hunters descended onto her property determined to find and kill the beast. They combed the woods around the area but never could managed to track the creature down. Though they did claim they heard screams coming from the woods and had rocks thrown at them.

            Luckily, no one was ever hurt by the creature, and there have been no other encounters reported since 1993. It may have relocated or gone into hiding. Who knows? But the Flintville Monster still remains a mystery. ******DF

[source:Bigfoot Encounters]

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  1. Ummmm ... Elvis??? Was he not born in Mississippi? Get the facts straight ... helps the credibility ! Just sayin' ...

  2. maybe you should read better - it says " Tennessee is known for a lot of things: Elvis.."
    Known for and being born there are 2 different things..TN is know for Elvis ...ever heard of Graceland? just sayin'



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