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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sasquatch Special Forces?
 A More “Tactical” Approach To Finding Bigfoot
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Would you think this was a bigfoot?
    It’s becoming abundantly clear that finding Bigfoot is not as easy as we think it should be. And REAL evidence is rare at best. So being the outside the box thinker that I am, I have to ask: are we going about this all the wrong way? Do we need to think differently and change our strategy?
            I have a strange interest in military tactics. I don’t know where it came from, but I watch the military channel a lot. I love to see the different “tricks of the trade” service men and women are trained to use to hunt down the enemy. And also the tactics used in historic battles. It’s a different brand of intelligence applied in no other aspect of life.

            But what does all this have to do with Bigfoot?
            After talking to numerous bigfoot researchers and hearing their stories and stories they’ve heard about others’ encounters, it has occasionally been mentioned that sasquatches have a strategy of living in the woods similar to military special forces. The way they hide, skulk, stay quiet, and drop out of sight in a split second is nothing short army ranger-esque.

            Recently I was watching a video of a supposed bigfoot.  And as I watched, it occurred to me that the creature in the video looked something like a man wearing a certain type of ghillie suit: the garb that military snipers wear. And it stirred some thoughts about how these creatures may be able to stay hidden so well...and how we should look for them.
            I became interested in sniper tactics when my nephew entered sniper training in the army. I was very worried about him when he told me what he was planning to do. He’s such a gentle soul; soft spoken, very patient with animals and children. How would he survive such a difficult and dangerous job?
            But this is also the personality that many habituators describe about sasquatches: mostly gentle in nature and non-confrontational. And to be able to hide so well, they must be patient and avoid movement, sometimes for long periods. And it occurred to me that my nephew, however scary it is to me, is actually the perfect personality for this job. Snipers must have a patient nature, and the ability to stay quiet and wait for long periods of time, while moving very little.
            This is something that sasquatches seem to do very well.
            So in order to find them, do we need to apply a more military mind to the problem? I asked bigfoot researcher Leon Drew, who just happened to have worked in the army as a combat engineer and special operations communication support, just what skills are needed to find a sniper. Was it even possible?
            “The skills would be basic hunting and tracking skills and a lot of luck,” he laughed. “The idea is, you don’t find them.”
            Hmmm! No surprise there.  It sounds a lot like looking for Bigfoot.
            “So is there a set method for flushing out a sniper?” I asked.
            “There is no set technology, no” he added. “You use thermal, movement detection, sound location... but most {snipers} shoot once and then they move. It’s mostly about being familiar with your area; trees, rocks. And then be able to note what’s different. The biggest skill is attention to detail.”
            So I asked, “So when it all comes right down to it, they {snipers} can’t be found?”
            “Not easily,” he said.
            Does this sound familiar too?
            If sasquatches are very often employing skills similar to military special forces, does it make sense we’d have to apply military-type tactical skills to find them? And is it reasonable to think we’d have a very hard time finding them if they behave much like military snipers, the best hiders in the world?
            So it becomes a bit daunting when you realize what you’re dealing with out in the field. But it also puts the necessary skills needed to find bigfoot into perspective.
            In order to find one of the smartest, most elusive creatures we know, you’d have to be able to think like a sasquatch, be intimately familiar with the area you’re searching in, and have an exceptional eye for detail. Not to mention a lot of luck and some state-of-the-art equipment.
            And then, after all this, you need a lot of patience and a good sense of humor about still not finding one.  They have a different brand of intelligence and live in a completely different world. And in order to find them, you have to be aware that you’re entering that world. Your regular mind doesn’t work so well here. You have to find a new state of mind that meshes with theirs. 
            But also, if there’s one thing that anyone I’ve ever spoken to that’s been in combat has told me,  it’s also a matter of reverence and respect. Never underestimate your enemy... or in this case, bigfoot.
            So Leon ended the conversation with a single thought.
            “Have respect for their intelligence and remember that you’re in their home. Act as you would ask them to act in yours.”
            I don’t know if he was talking about snipers or bigfoot. But it really doesn’t matter. It all applies the same. ******DF
©The Crypto Crew
[Special Thanks to: Leon Drew] 
Ghillie Suit Video - Can you spot them before they move?

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1 comment:

  1. I am former Army Special Forces and have encountered the night people in two remote areas of the Cascades in WA state. I am always in military camo in these areas and this seems to attract these "people". They seem very curious of me and once a female got within 30 ft from me which really surprised me to say the least. I always leave a few snacks for them as I do not want any trouble from them. They seem to respond to native American Salish language here. You do not have to seek them as they will find you. You are in their home. Respect them I do!


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