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Monday, November 19, 2012

Scott Carpenter films Possible Bigfoot!

Tennessee Researcher Scott Carpenter thinks he may have filmed a bigfoot while out searching.
He also states he set up a time-lapse camera in the area.
Here is the description under the video.

" I sighted a Bigfoot on a ridge top in the National Park research area. The Bigfoot made some noise to get my attention, then stood up and silhouetted itself against the skyline. It rocked back an forth then dropped down. The sighting lasted about 10 seconds. The video contains my uncut reaction to the sighting. I am whispering and at times hard to hear because of my excitement."

What does everyone think?


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  1. I saw what I thought was a bf head, but no shoulders....eyes, nose, mouth...

  2. This a total waste of time. There is nothing to see. please let us know when this supposed big foot appeared on this footage? could you give a time? Please be more specific so you don't waste people time

    great job by an exellent web site except for this video

    1. it's at the point where he is zooming...kind of looks like a head. but I couldn't see a lot either.


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