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Friday, October 5, 2012

Bigfoot in Price,Utah?
This photo surfaced a few days ago over on the BFRO Fourms , a link to the pictures was posted up by the user Hubkapp1. This is supposedly a picture of a bigfoot taken in Price,Utah. It was in a story done by Ogden Standard Examiner back in 2009. I did a quick search of the website (Here) but could not find the story. I do not know the back story or much about the photo. Most are just dismissing it as a total fake. It does appear very large and bulky,could have shoulder pads on.

Here is a zoom in on the creature

It appears pretty big, there are some things I like about the photo and a couple of things I don't.
If anyone has more info about the origin of this picture feel free to contact me.


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  1. Is it me, or does the Bigfoot look like he/she was painted into the photo, or like an illustration? Not too sure about this.

  2. i agree. It doesnt look like it is the same film quality as the background.

  3. I feel that this is an obvious fake. The body proportions are all wrong. It is possible that this is a diseased Bigfoot with a hunchback but I doubt it. The arms seem too short unless this can be attributed to the hunchback. The face is fully bearded which contradicts other eyewitness reports. Also, the chest is completely covered with hair. Most other witnesses report that the face, hands and chest are mostly hairless. There are just too many things wrong with this "creauture" for it to be a real living Bigfoot.


  5. yeah I think it is a fake but I was wanting to know the back story and who is involved.

  6. he looks like he is holding in a shit after noticing the camerman whilst in mid-flow

  7. If it is real..hes got to be at least 7 1/2 feet tall.

  8. Once you've seen them in full view, in the broad daylight, then you will be able to recognize a fake in a split-second.

    This is most certainly bogus...and a bit insulting to both the Sasquatch and humans.

  9. I'm the one who took this photo back when Darrell Smith was my partner. He was producing a documentary about the Utah Bigfoot and I was doing the filming, both video and regular photography. Don't worry, as it's not a legit photo. This has been showing up a lot lately and I want to clear the air of it.

    1. Thanks for the information. By chance you don't know the title of the documentary do you?


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