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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Surrounded By Owls In The Woods?
A Frightening Bigfoot Encounter In Ohio
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Barnesville, Ohio
            There are strange moments in the woods when you just know things aren’t what they seem. And Mark Hudak’s hunting trip on private land in Ohio was just such a moment.
            Hudak, of Clinton, Ohio, jumped at the chance to do some hunting on a nice 2000-acre plot of private land near Barnesville, Ohio. But he and his friends got more than they bargained for that night.
            "It started out that we heard some owls hooting at us. Well, that is normal, so we didn't think nothing of it," Hudak explained. But then it got stranger.
            As the men continued their trek through the woods, they realized the owl sounds were numerous and coming at them from both sides. The noticed also that the sounds were getting closer as they walked, and they stopped every time the men stopped walking.
            As they continued moving down a ridge, they heard an animal scream at them.
            "We finally noticed that something else was not right. Not a single other animal was making noise anymore. No nighttime sounds. Now if you're a hunter, you'll know how weird that it," said Hudak.
            And in the silence of the night he and his friends noticed the distinct sounds of footsteps all around them, and they knew they weren’t dealing with owls. They knew they were being followed by something.
            "I would almost compare them to a Navy Seal team the way they flanked us," Hudak explained.
The group, now too afraid to try and run back to their vehicle or to get any hunting done,  waited out the long night in the woods. They claimed that the normal sounds of the woods didn’t return until nearly 11:00 AM the next morning.

            Though they never saw anything, Hudak was convinced that he and his partners most certainly had an encounter with Bigfoot.  Hudak had been interested in the subject of Bigfoot since he was a child And he’s been searching for them ever since this encounter with the help of the Southeastern Ohio Society For Bigfoot Investigation (SOSBI). *******DF

[SOSBI:Click Here]
[Source:Marietta Times]

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Saturday, October 27, 2012 5 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Had the almost exact kind of encounter years ago when I was a teenager in Illinois.....

  2. i believe it not too far away from salt fork

  3. One of the more believable stories.. I would of loved to been there.

  4. i had the same experience while coon hunting near barnesville last winter. we heard an owl and i had something 'thrown' at me. it followed us all the way back to the truck. i will NEVER go back there after dark. does anyone know exactly where mr hudak had this encounter??


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