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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ivan Marx
Ivan Marx - Info and video

Below you will find the full version of the Ivan Marx film about Bigfoot - The Legend of Bigfoot.

Here is some info about Ivan Marx:
Ivan Marx was an animal tracker, woodsman, hunting guide, explorer, adventurer, accomplished nature photographer, and dedicated Bigfoot hunter.

Ivan first began his Bigfoot research in the 50s. He was involved in the Bossburg, Washington Cripple Foot track finds in November 1969 and claimed to have shot actual footage of a crippled Sasquatch in October 1970.
Marx briefly worked for three months for renowned Bigfoot researcher Peter Byrne, who later became one of Ivan's biggest and most vehement detractors. Moreover, Ivan also collaborated with famed physical anthropologist Grover Krantz.

Marx followed up this film (The Legend of Bigfoot) with two more documentaries: "In the Shadow of Bigfoot" and "Bigfoot: Alive and Well in '82."  The 2 later films are still available on Tom Biscardi's website Searching for Bigfoot
Marx and his wife Peggy lived in Burney, Shasta County, California. Although widely derided as a fraud by many Sasquatch experts, Ivan always insisted that his movies and photographs of Bigfoot were real.
He was a mentor to controversial fellow Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi.
Ivan Marx died in 1999.

TCC - What I find funny is that most consider him a hoaxer and a fraud but many in the bigfoot world still hold to many of his theories about bigfoot and how they eat and migrate.

The video itself is fairly entertaining and Marx comes off as a person who is a real outdoorsman with lots of knowledge.

The bigfoots filmed in the video appear to be a person in a suit but it is still a good film to watch just for some of the info that Marx gives and the many animals he films.

What I personally think is that Marx had real sightings at some point or at the very least found real tracks and tried to recreate them for the film. Which in hindsight might not have been the best ideal.

I hope to upload a shorter version soon with a few enhancements to the video.
Here is the full version of The Legend of Bigfoot

Short Version - Focuses more on the bigfoot scenes.


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1 comment:

  1. Some beautiful wildlife footage in this film, Marz was clearly a true woodsman, but the footage he included of an idiot in a very bad costume, prancing about like a drunken chimpanzee, is so far beyond even remotely believable, like a joke nobody thought anybody would take seriously, that I was unable to continue watching the movie; it completely invalidated the rest of it, as far as I'm concerned.


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