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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interstate 90
Seeing a sasquatch can sometimes bring unwanted attention and ridicule from others, so it is understandable that they want to keep their name private.
Here is the story of the sighting that took place last weekend.
Paul (not his real name) and his wife who are from IL were on their way back home after looking at a house to maybe purchase in MN. Paul who is a believer in bigfoot has been trying to convince his wife
to accept the facts about it but in his words "its has been a hard row to hoe".
His wife was driving them back home that night after the visit to see the house and they were heading south on Interstate 90 in WI just north (about 3 miles) of Wisconsin Dells.
Paul says:  "Well she was driving and it was dark out at this point, and we were in the middle of a conversation about the house we had just put an offer on earlier that day. On this HWY there are a bunch of "turn around" spots where the police sit to try and catch speeders, and since we have traveled this route many times, we know where they are and we automatically look down them. Well, mid conversation she stops talking, does a double take out the window, looks straight ahead for about twenty seconds in silence, and then looks at me and says, "Well, I think I just saw Bigfoot". "
bigfoot on I90
Apparently this this was very big as well.
Paul continues to tell the story by saying: "All she kept saying was how BIG this thing was. She kept using the word BIG, and she instantly said it had to be at least 9 to 10 feet tall and just BIG (as in the wide).  
Paul's wife describes the creature: "it was a dark brown color, and that I clearly saw two legs and two arms on this huge being."
Paul goes on to say: "We were still three hours from our house, and we didn't stop talking about it at all. We were going 70 mph on the hwy, but she was certain of what she saw. Now, she won't admit it was a bigfoot to me, but she can not for the life of her come up with what it could have been other than one."
Paul continues : "My wife wanted to turn around and go back even after we were two hours south of the location. Just from her reaction I know she saw one. I have been researching them for about three solid years, I truly wish it would have been me that saw it, and honestly my wife now wishes it didn't happen because she can't wrap her mind around it.  I wanted to share this awesome thing with you!"
We are So Glad you did "Paul", we think maybe that "hard row to hoe" just got a little easier for you.
If you end up buying the house and travel that stretch of road again make sure to keep your eyes open and a camera ready and of course keep us updated on any new developments. 

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. my wife and I saw a ufo together about 15 years ago that performed a 90 degree turn at a huge rate of speed. she saw it. It happened. SAME thing. she can't wrap her mind around it, but refuses to believe the VERY thing she saw. she lives in her own belief bubble, so she doesn't have to challenge her belief system..

  2. I was browsing the google maps and saw tags about Big Foot.
    I received a video in Nov 2018 it shows a huge molar and partial jaw of a giant.
    Soon I'll travel to that country where the video was shot. If I find something new I'll share even if it ain't no big toe.


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