Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tim Fasano - "Cut me some slack" - Upset over hoaxing claims

 Independent Bigfoot researcher from Florida Tim Fasano is upset about some of the claims that he is faking evidence. He has released the above video and he does seem a bit upset. I have not heard very many people call him a hoaxer. yes some of his evidence is questionable but not many have called him out as a hoaxer.
Here is a quote from his youtube channel
" I am not part of the Bigfoot Community. I am not part of Bigfoot culture. I do what I do alone and independent from anyone. The existence of Bigfoot has never been proven. My videos are real and not edited and no claims of actual proof are on this channel. My videos are for entertainment only. They are, however, a real attempt to solve a mystery. Believers will believe, skeptics will not."

So now you know.

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  1. He's a liar and a evil person. He posted questionable things about others and then removed numerous times. Sometimes under a hidden guise, but when found out he admitted and apologized.

    Wake up people, you can only apologize once or twice and mean it, the rest of the time your just trying to get out of being caught... Guilty people do one of two when caught, deny or apologize, but it is only sincere if it doesn't happen again.

    1. correct - the BF community is like that - we get attacked on a regular bases because we have different opinions or questions. Kind of sad really


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